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Douglas County Welcomes EOU Alumnus Emily Ring as New Emergency Manager

Nov. 28, 2023

Douglas County Welcomes EOU Alumnus Emily Ring as New Emergency Manager

LA GRANDE, Ore. – Eastern Oregon University takes pride in announcing the appointment of one of its distinguished alumni, Emily Ring, as the new Douglas County Emergency Manager. This appointment underscores EOU’s commitment to equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in diverse career paths and contribute significantly to their communities.

Emily Ring, a graduate of Eastern Oregon University, has an impressive background in emergency management, enhanced by her academic journey at EOU. Ring completed her undergraduate studies at EOU, majoring in Cultural Anthropology, which laid a solid foundation for her career. She attributes her success to the university’s interdisciplinary approach and supportive faculty. Ring’s education continued beyond EOU, obtaining a master’s degree in Biological Sciences and Resource Management from Green Mountain University.

Ring’s career is marked by a variety of roles, including Assistant Emergency Manager and County Emergency Manager in Josephine County. Her professional journey also includes experiences as a Crisis Counselor, Domestic Violence Case Manager, National Resources Ranger, and Wildland Firefighter. This diverse background is a testament to the versatile and robust education provided by EOU.

“I chose EOU because of its excellent Social Sciences/Anthropology Department and its unique interdisciplinary approach. My time at EOU built a solid foundation for my advanced certifications and degrees,” said Emily Ring. Her role in emergency management today benefits significantly from her background in Social Sciences and Anthropology, highlighting the relevance of her EOU education in real-world applications.

Douglas County Commissioner Tim Freeman expressed his excitement about Ring’s 

appointment, indicating high expectations for the future of the county’s Emergency Management program under her leadership. Douglas County’s Emergency Management, crucial in managing emergencies, is expected to reach new heights of efficiency and effectiveness with Ring at the helm.

In her personal life, Ring, originally from rural Wisconsin, cherishes her memories of the EOU campus and the community. Her time at EOU was not just about academic excellence but also about building lasting relationships and enjoying the unique campus life.

Ring’s appointment is an example of how EOU’s commitment to high-quality education and personal student-centered experiences prepares graduates for significant roles in various sectors. EOU remains dedicated to producing graduates like Emily Ring, who are well-prepared for responsible and reflective action in our diverse and interconnected world.

For more information about Eastern Oregon University and its programs, please visit eou.edu.

Douglas County looks forward to a new era of enhanced emergency management with an EOU alumna at the helm, ensuring the community’s continued preparedness and resilience.