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Credit for Prior Learning saves students time and money

Credit for Prior Learning saves students time and resources

LA GRANDE, Ore. – Designed for learners who already have life experience or have taken college courses prior to enrolling at a university Credit for Prior Learning honors and values your experiences. 

At Eastern Oregon University (EOU) Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)  is a powerful tool to help support adult learners and help make education more affordable. 

EOU’s Credit For Prior Learning opportunities covers more than you think. You can get college credit for military service, previous college courses, work training, and even life experience. By cutting down the time it takes to earn a degree students can complete their programs and begin the next phase of their lives earlier. 

At 46 years old, Kente’ Bates already had accomplished quite a bit in his life. The native of rural Georgia joined the Army at age 32, moved to Oregon, and adopted Portland as his home. When he decided to take advantage of the Credit for Prior Learning program he had plenty of experience that translated into credit hours.

“Eastern Oregon University is already affordable, which really appealed to me,” Bates said. “But they also recognize a person has a lot of past experiences and give you credit for it. There was nothing difficult about getting credit for my life experiences, the process was made very easy for me.”

Students from all walks of life can apply what they learn from life and work towards a degree.  

“As Oregon’s official rural university, EOU is well positioned to apply new and potential student’s lived experiences towards a college degree,” said Interim Provost Matt Seimears. “With programs like these, EOU is working to close the degree attainment gap here in Eastern Oregon.” 

On top of CPL opportunities, EOU provides a tight-knit, supportive student experience, exceptional academic programs, and hands-on learning that equips graduates for successful lives and careers anywhere in the world. EOU continues to provide an incredibly personal and affordable education at Oregon’s Rural University
Additional information on the APEL program can be found at eou.edu/apel/.