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A real success story, 10-month program kick-starts teaching careers

Jan. 18, 2023

10-Month EOU program kick-starts teaching careers

LA GRANDE, Ore. – Eastern Oregon University is pleased to report a record number of graduates are being selected for teaching positions after completing the University’s Master of Teaching (MAT) program.

The EOU College of Education’s full-time, intensive Master of Arts in Teaching program (MAT) blends full-time in-classroom professional experience with academic preparation. Alexa Jamison, a student in the Master of Arts in Teaching program does her student teaching at La Grande High School.

In 2021, 87% of MAT candidates were hired by a district upon graduation. Still, other candidates took jobs in education, but not in the classroom.

“The MAT program at EOU is designed to support the next generation of educators with a balance of theory and practice. We want our teacher candidates to get as much experience in the classroom as possible where they can observe and apply the evidence-based strategies they are learning in their courses,” Christina Thew, MAT Program Coordinator said.

The College of Education’s 10- month, immersive MAT program combines professional experience in classroom settings with academic preparation. While the program is designed as a 10-month program, there is a two-year option that benefits educators currently teaching on a restricted license or candidates who would like to split the program up to fit their needs better.

“We work closely with districts to support their teachers who are currently working on restricted licenses. Giving the candidates the opportunity to spread their coursework out over two years allows them to balance the demands of being a new teacher in their own classroom with the academic demands of the program,” Thew said.

MAT teacher candidates are placed in K-12 classrooms to work and learn from mentor teachers and a University supervisor.

“The relationships I made with fellow teacher candidates, my mentor teachers, professors, and countless others made my time in the MAT program not only enjoyable but unforgettable. I made so many relationships with people that will last throughout my teaching career and had the opportunity to learn so much from others. I enjoyed that the MAT program was a community that fostered the concept of family, and encouraged us to build these relationships in order to thrive in the teaching profession.”

Amanda Smith, MAT 2022

Students have a six-week summer term and two five-week sessions of classes during fall and winter terms. Students participate in one MAT weekend per five-week session and attend in-person classes at Eastern Oregon University to experience hands-on learning. The rest of the hybrid program coursework is done asynchronously.

“In class, we were challenged, engaged, and provided skills and strategies to utilize in real-life classroom situations. The classes were informative and interesting. The coursework was thorough and I felt ready to teach when I graduated,” Ann Zuehlke, MAT 2022, said.  

The deadline for Eastern Oregon University’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is fast approaching. The application deadline is March 1, 2023.