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EOU remains the most affordable university education in Oregon

Oct. 10, 2023

EOU remains the most affordable university education in Oregon

LA GRANDE, Ore. – Eastern Oregon University (EOU), remains the most affordable university in Oregon according to Research.com, Best Value Colleges in Oregon.

Every year, Research.com, a top academic platform, rates American colleges based on how affordable they are, the quality of education they offer, and how much money their alumni are expected to earn. The latest ranking for 2023 is out and Eastern Oregon University has received the Best Value College in Oregon award.

With over 3,000 students enrolled in thirty-seven degree and pre-professional programs, EOU offers something for almost everyone.

“After a careful analysis of hundreds of data points from a wide range of sources we were able to prepare a comprehensive profile of Eastern Oregon University that should be a valuable and detailed source of information for potential students. It’s worth highlighting some key facts we’ve discovered. The average annual tuition for Eastern Oregon University is $10,041,” with median alumni income upon graduation far beyond many peer institutions in the state. Pawel Dabrowski Ph.D., a data scientist responsible for Research.com rankings noted.

Tuition and fees at Eastern Oregon University are, on average, thousands of dollars lower than those charged by other public and private institutions in our region. This difference translates into substantial savings for our students. EOU firmly believes that our students gain a distinct educational advantage over their counterparts at other institutions, thanks to our smaller class sizes and personalized attention. This level of individualized care surpasses what larger institutions are able to offer.

Furthermore, EOU faculty and staff strive to foster stronger connections ultimately leading to improved retention rates as they collaborate toward their graduation goals.

EOU President, Dr. Kelly Ryan, said data like this reaffirms the university’s commitment to accessibility and being a financially manageable expense for students from all walks of life.

“EOU’s high-quality educational experience foments the career growth of students and is a driver of economic development in our region,” Dr. Ryan said. “EOU is not just an institution; it’s a community that cares deeply about its students, to both their personal and professional excellence. “