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Speel-Ya Native American Student Council

Native American Student Council

Speel-Ya is one of the oldest and most active clubs on campus, serving as a cultural and social support system for new and returning students. The club organizes a variety of events throughout the year; including events for Native American Heritage month in November and the largest being the annual Indian Arts Festival Powwow & Friendship Feast, established in 1971.

“Our mission is to raise awareness, educate and promote the cultures of Native American people by working with other EOU clubs and organizations in the promotion of diversity. Speel-Ya aims to assist new Native American student in the transition of being a new college student and to promote cultural pride, academic success and leadership for all students participating in Speel-Ya.”

2023-24 Speel-Ya Student Leaders:


Raelynn Williams (Yupik Tribe)

Vice President

Justine Bean-Giroux (Kwadacha Nation)

Secretary / Treasurer 

Kachira Phillips (Chicano)

Speel-Ya Club Advisors:


Pepper Huxoll (Mandan-Hidatsa)
Native American, Indigenous, and Rural Programs Coordinator
Hoke 217

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Jenny Slinkard
Loso 152

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