Senior Project Proposal Form

The Capstone Experience in Music


All music majors must take Senior Project MUS 406.  Traditional performance recitals will now be only one of the possibilities for completion.  Other possibilities, in consultation with the appropriate instructor, will include 1) music research and documentation projects, 2) composition and performance of original work, 3) integrative projects that link music with another discipline, and 4) music teaching experience (Music Education or Music in the Community). Students will develop (with primary instructors) a timeline, an abstract (see attached form), and will present their proposal to the music faculty during their regular faculty meeting .  Students will receive feedback on their project ideas, and may be given the permission to proceed.  All projects, regardless of content, require a public presentation prior to graduation.

Abstract Form

To be completed by students planning a Senior Project which is not either a) a solo recital or b) a composition recital. This includes students selecting Option One (completed minor). It also includes students who wish to focus on Music Education or Community Music, rather than a traditional performance or composition emphasis. Those students should also complete appropriate coursework in Music Education, such as Music Methods classes or MUS 209, Practicum, or MUS 445, Music in the Community.


Name __________________________________ Term of completion _____________________


Advisor _____________________________


Performance Area Instructor ______________________________


SENIOR CAPSTONE PROJECT ADVISOR: ____________________________________

(ex., Community Music: Dr. McKinnon)


Title of the Senior Capstone:



Briefly describe the project:

















Closing Questions


1. How does this capstone successfully combine the two knowledge areas in your proposal? For students selecting Option One, this would be the two minors.




2. What types of research will you use for this project?




3.  Describe ways in which the proposal will prepare you for further schooling or career opportunities.




































Revised Jan. 2013