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45th Parallel

45th Parallel is a unique multi-genre ensemble incorporating instrumentalists on a variety of instruments (drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, percussion, horns, strings), plus 3–4 vocalists. Our repertoire includes a variety of music from the American vernacular including soul, funk, jazz, Latin, R and B, pop, rock as well as World music and original student compositions and arrangements. Recently the group has included a rhythm section, horn section, and vocal trio, and has performed music from Frank Zappa to Tito Puente, Amy Winehouse to Queen Latifah, Duke Ellington to Miles Davis.

Recent visiting artists who have coached the ensemble have included Dan Balmer (guitar, Portland OR); Rob Scheps (saxophone/flute, Cold Springs NY); Kathy Kosins (vocals, Detroit MI); and Dmitri Matheny (flugelhorn, Olympia WA). The ensemble also recently recorded four songs at Rainmaker Studios in West Pasco, Washington as part of a field trip with the Advanced Electronic Music class.