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Jazz Ensemble

The EOU Jazz Ensemble, directed by Dr. Matt Cooper, is a large jazz combo of EOU students which is open to students on any instrument, including voice. The ensemble focuses on standard jazz repertoire from all eras, with an emphasis on post-bop modern jazz. The ensemble performs at least one concert per term, and also participates frequently in jazz festivals such as the Lionel Hampton Festival, EWU Jazz Dialogue Festival, and Whitman College Jazz Festival.  In addition, the ensemble invites regional and national jazz artists to campus for clinic and/or concerts.

Guest artists who have presented clinics and/or performed in concert at EOU include:

Dan Balmer/Paul Anastasio/ Dave Captein/ David Friesen/ Alan Jones/ Don Latarski and Rue de Blues/ John Stowell/ Malcolm Lynn Baker/ Tom Bergeron/ Jay Clayton/ Dave Glenn/ Nancy King/ Glen Moore/ Dave Scott/ Benji Tomassetti/ David Berkman/ Charles Crosman/ Keith Hall/ Uwe Kropinski/ Phil Palombi/ Jeff Sizer/ Gary Versace/ Doug Bristol/ Matthew Friese/ Andrew Hill/ Art Lande/ Dave Pietro/ Curtis Stigers/ David Haney/ Rob Scheps/Corby Simpson

EOU Jazz Ensemble alums have been accepted to masters programs and awarded teaching assistantships in Jazz Studies at major universities, played jazz professionally in nightclubs and on cruise ships worldwide, and taught music privately or through Community Schools or university music programs. Two Jazz Ensemble members have won high honors at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival: Tim Moses won Outstanding College Instrumentalist as well as Outstanding College Pianist in 1995, and Dale Tovar won Outstanding College Guitarist in 2013.

                                                                                                                   Photo by Anthony Tovar