GED Testing

Test fees are paid for Union County residents. 

Students can take the current computer based GED test at the EOU Testing Center in 112 Zabel Hall.  Registration, scheduling, and payment for the exams takes place on-line at . Online testing is also available.  Visit this website to learn more:

The current test series is the 2014 Series GED® Test.   There are a total of four exams that must be passed before you can earn your GED certificate.

The cost for each of the 4 subject exams is $38; a total of $152 for the full battery of tests. Test fees are paid for Union County residents. For more information please call and make an appointment with the Continuing Education Coordinator at 541-962-3076 or email

The GED® test is about 7 ¼ hours long with the timing as follows:

  • Reasoning through Language Arts is 150 minutes (including a 10-minute break)
  • Mathematical Reasoning is 115 minutes
  • Science is 90 minutes
  • Social Studies is 75 minutes

The test

The 2014 GED test represents its biggest overhaul in more than 70 years. GED Testing Service spent five years revamping it.

The new test aligns with current high school standards, including grade 12 standards, and career- and college-readiness expectations. It has four content areas: mathematical reasoning, reasoning through language arts (RLA), science, and social studies.

The 7¼-hour test will be delivered on the computer to provide a consistent testing experience nationwide and improved testing rates.  Some accommodations for those with approved, diagnosed disabilities are available.

The test includes seven different answer types:

• Drag and drop

• Drop down

• Extended response

• Fill in the blank

• Hot spot

• Multiple choice

• Short answer

In Oregon, there is no waiting period if you do not pass a subject area test the first time. After taking a test subject 3 times, you’ll have to wait 60 days before retesting. There’s no limit to how many times you can test in a year.

Students will receive same-day scoring on all four parts, including the new score report for reporting and remediation. They will receive one of three score levels:

  • (145-164) – Pass / High School Equivalency
  • (165-174) – GED® College Ready
  • (175-200) – GED® College Ready + Credit

When you pass your test go to and click on Request a Transcript to get your GED certificate.

Test fees are provided by Union County.

Oregon GED Policy: