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GED Preparation Resources

For a personal study plan contact the Continuing Education Coordinator at


  1.  GED study guides and practice tests are free to Union County residents.
  2.  No GED on-site classes are available in Union County at this time – we assist students with vouchers to pay for all GED Ready official practice tests and final tests, and create a personal study plan using books or several free online resources.


1. Free Practice Tests & Study Guides are available on-line through Pierce Library at EOU.

  • Go to: www.eou.edu
  • Select Pierce Library (at the bottom of the page)
  • Select databases
  • Click on “L”
  • Select Learning Express 3.0, register, and set up an account
  • Select High School Equivalency
  • Select GED Test
  • Links to the 4 Practice Tests are on the left side of the screen as are tutorials for each subject

2. Additional free Review Questions are available online.  Access them using the links on the navigation panel on the right side of your screen.

The Continuing Education Program is supported by Union County and Eastern Oregon University.