Steve Sheehy
Assistant Professor. Steve was a software engineer for 24 years before coming to EOU, building software for the telecommunications industry. Steve’s specialties are object-oriented programming, software engineering, and database management systems.

Office: BH 107B

Jenelle Davis
Adjunct Instructor, came to EOU in 2019. Jenelle is a Computer Science Practitioner for 20 years in Government, Telecommunications, and Consulting. Jenelle has served as a Computer Science Instructor for 14 years. Her specializations include Networking, Cybersecurity, and Application Development.


Tim Harrison
Assistant Professor, came to EOU in 2018. Tim was a computer scientist for 30 years and a grades 6-12 computer science teacher for 6 years before coming to EOU. Tim designed and developed tools (software, methods, and training) to improve software development practices for the U.S. defense industry for 15 years. Then, he taught/consulted object-oriented technology for 15 years. Tim’s specialties are object-oriented technology (analysis, design & programming), requirements analysis, programming languages, and computer science education.

Office: BH 107D

Khaled Sabha
Adjunct Instructor, came to EOU in 2020. He has over ten years of industrial as well as teaching experience. He is currently a full-time senior lecturer for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM). Khaled’s specialties are computer networking, programming, & cybersecurity.


Samuel Sambasivam, Ph.D.
Adjunct Instructor, came to EOU in 2020. He has served in higher education for over 33 years in both face-to-face and online education. He has done extensive research, written for publications, and given presentations in computer science and mathematics. His current research interests include Big Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, E-learning Technologies, Software Engineering, and Client/Server Applications, Genetic Algorithms, and XML Database Applications. He has taught a variety of Computer Science courses in both undergraduate and graduate programs


Greg Schulberg
Adjunct Instructor. Greg has a background in electrical engineering and worked for many years as an engineer, and later as a professional software developer a for large telecommunications company. His specialties in computer science are software engineering and architecture. He is currently a full-time faculty member in the math and computer science department at Blue Mountain Community College.


Kiel Wadner
Senior Instructor II, came to EOU in 2019. With a background in software engineering for enterprise environments, Kiel is an information security professional. He specializes in cyber security, spanning both the offensive and defensive arenas.

BH 107A