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Computer Science

Develop the skills needed to find yourself in a cutting edge career

The Computer Science Program at EOU includes core, elective, and math credits, in addition to general education requirements. Earn your B.A. with a foreign language requirement, or your B.S. with just 12 more science credits.

Core curriculum includes introductions to software, operating systems, database management plus algorithms and analysis. These are the skills needed in virtually every IT job.

Unique elective courses include new media, computing theory, 3-D graphics and animation, network administration and artificial intelligence. You can also take an independent study course for a specialized topic that you choose.

About the program

Eastern Oregon University’s Computer Science department is a great choice if you are interested in programming, IT management, data analysis, system administration, software engineering, cybersecurity, or advanced study. After obtaining your degree, you will be equipped with the skills to work in the private or public sector. Our program’s curriculum enables you to personalize your degree depending on your desired career trajectory.

The Computer Science program ate EOU is unique due to its individualized instruction and faculty who are experts in both teaching and technology. Graduates from the program go on to work for small and large businesses, well-known corporations, colleges and universities and private companies. Your skills will be sought after due to the rise in cloud computing, storage of big data and the need for greater information security. With your bachelor’s in computer science, cybersecurity, or IT management from EOU, your opportunities for a career are plentiful.

Practical Curriculum

Courses include Foundations of Computer Science I & II, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile App Development, 3D Graphics and Animation and more.

Capstone projects help culminate student learning into a functional and professional piece of work.

Find a Career

EOU’s degree in Computer Science will set the stage for a career in Computer Programming, Software Development, Systems Analysis and many more. These are all highly in demand in both public and private sector.

EOU graduates are currently working for companies like Google, Apple and HP, or seeking further expertise in graduate programs.

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“The EOU Computer Science program has been an enlightening, challenging, and rewarding experience. The faculty have all been instrumental in sharing and teaching their unique expertise to the EOU CS students. I highly recommend this program to anyone with a dedicated interest in becoming a software developer.”

Adam Bogdanowicz
Computer Science
Spokane, Wash.

Adam Bogdanowicz