Since its invention, photography has struggled to depict the truth. Early photographers attempted to represent the world as truthfully as possible. With contemporary life putting a camera in everyone’s pocket, and the digital capabilities of Photoshop and analog photography, the medium is in a state of untruthful flux.

At EOU, students in photography learn to break the mould of the arm’s-length Facebook self-portrait and explore photography as a medium for meaningful expression. Using traditional black and white darkroom techniques, students are immersed in the oldest aspects of the medium.

Taking digital and studio photography allows students to explore manipulation through computers and light, respectively. The commercial and artistic elements of the spectrum of photography are stressed every step of the way.

Understanding photography also requires studying the artists of the past that brought the medium to where it is today. From the earliest work by Daguerre, through the modernists and Edward Weston, to the works of the Starn Brothers and Sally Mann, EOU students research photographs obscure and famous, horrifying and beautiful, gaining an understanding of history, art, and photography’s truths and lies.

Above all, EOU students learn the power that comes with aiming a camera at the world and at themselves.

ART 260 – Beginning Photography (APC)

Credits: 4.00

An introduction to photography as a medium of creative expression. Major emphasis is on learning the film camera, processing film, and enlarging prints.

Prerequisite: None; Art Majors ART 101 or ART 120 or consent of instructor.

ART 360/460 – Intermediate/Advanced Photography

Credits: 4.00

360: A further exploration of the potentials of the medium of photography. Improvement of basic skills and introduction to more advanced techniques.Emphasis on intermediate darkroom techniques and introduction to medium- and large-format cameras. Beginning development of student’s own imagery.

460: Continued exploration of the potentials of the medium of photography. Emphasis on advanced darkroom techniques and use of medium- and large-format cameras. Continued development of student’s own imagery with an emphasis on content and concept. ART 460 may be repeated for credit.

Prerequisite: ART 260 or consent of instructor.

ART 364 – Digital Photography

Credits: 4.00

This is an advanced course in color photography using the digital darkroom.

Prerequisite: ART 260 or consent of instructor.

ART 369 – Photography: Documentary and Studio Techniques

Credits: 4.00

An exploration of studio and documentary photography techniques as they relate to fine art and commercial practices. Emphasis on more advanced techniques and use of digital cameras. Continued development of the student’s own imagery. Course may be repeated for credit.

Prerequisite: ART 260 or consent of Instructor.

ART 426 – Independent Study: Photography and New Media

Credits: 1-3

Provides opportunity for the student to acquire additional depth and personal achievement in any art area beyond what is supplied by usual course offerings. Major emphasis on the development of dialoging on personalized aesthetics and concepts. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Student must have at least junior standing to register for this course.

Prerequisite: ART 360 (or 364) or consent of Instructor.