Course Requirements

Course requirements must be completed at the end of the term in which you register including:

1)       Completion of a narrative autobiography based on post high school educational and occupational history. ( 2-4 pages typed double spaced)

2)       Completion of an experience list

3)      Submission of examples of three competency statements

4)      Submission of at least one learning essay to a faculty reader.

The essay should include three components –Learning, application, and theory.

    • Students preparing essays should strive to demonstrate a balance between personal experience and an acquired knowledge of general principles of the discipline. The essay should demonstrate what the student knows, how they came to know it, how they applied it.
    • In the discussion of “application,” the student should explain in detail the experiences that have developed or refined the base of knowledge the student is claiming.  It is to be very specific and directly tied to the topic.  The presentation is not to be just a chronological listing of experience in the general area of the topic of the essay.  Other extraneous material should be omitted.
    • In the discussion of “theory,” the student should reference applicable principles that are identified in readings/references; these references should be documented using proper academic citations.