Administrative Professionals

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Administrative Professionals

Eastern Oregon University Administrative Professionals are unclassified, non-ranked, fixed-term administrative positions. The Administrative Professional Executive Committee (APEC) is charged via the University Constitution to represent all Administrative Professionals on various issues. Administrative Professionals elect the APEC members. View APEC’s Charter and by-laws and the meeting minutes from the monthly APEC meetings. Administrative Professionals can contact APEC by email at or through our feedback form.


Administrative Professionals Executive Committee
Eastern Oregon University
One University Boulevard
La Grande, OR 97850-2899

Staff Profiles: Spring 2024

Kaki Morehead
EOU Head Volleyball Coach

Outside of work, my passion extends to a second full-time job involving cows and horses. I find joy in riding horses and immersing myself in the great outdoors.

EOU has been my professional home for 17 years, during which I served as the head coach for a significant portion of my tenure. Additionally, I contributed as an assistant coach for one year and spent three years as a student athlete.

My journey to EOU was initially tied to my passion for both volleyball and rodeo. Although my plan was to relocate to Idaho with my husband, unforeseen circumstances led me to step in as the interim coach due to the unexpected passing of the previous coach. This experience drew me back to volleyball, and over time, my husband and I realized that EOU was the ideal place for us to build our family.

What I cherish most about working at EOU is the family atmosphere fostered by Anji within the athletic community. It’s a unique environment where everyone genuinely desires success for each other, a sentiment not always prevalent in athletic departments. I am proud to be part of the Mountie Family.

In terms of making a positive impact on the EOU community, our volleyball program has played a role in bringing the community together at Quinn Coliseum. While basketball and football traditionally draw crowds, our girls have gradually garnered support through the years. The community has embraced the uniqueness of our team, fostering a connection that extends beyond the volleyball court.

Outside of work, my passion extends to a second full-time job involving cows and horses. I find joy in riding horses and immersing myself in the great outdoors.

Hailey Durrant
College of Business Operations Manager

Hailey Durrant prioritizes family, including her kids, husband, and Mom. My passion for animals also keeps me engaged with my two dogs and three cats.

I have been at Eastern for one year. I embarked on a career transition, honing in on opportunities at EOU. I feel privileged to have secured my current position.

I take great joy in the inclusive culture, the student-focused atmosphere, and the overall ethos of EOU. I am a staunch advocate for higher education, encouraging every student to pursue excellence through formal training.

Utilizing my extensive experience beyond academia, I aim to provide practical, real-world insights to the community. I excel in collaborative environments and am committed to leaving a lasting, positive mark in any capacity I serve.

My family, including my children, husband, and mother, is my top priority. My love for animals also keeps me actively engaged with my two dogs and three cats.

EOU Administrative Professional Employment Handbook

The EOU Administrative Professional Employment Handbook is intended as a general guide to employment-related laws, rules and policies applicable to the University and Administrative Professional employees. Nothing in this document does or is intended to create a contract of employment.

2023 Distinguished Administrative Professional: Genesis Meaderds

Genesis Meaderds