Shared Governance

2021-2022 Administrative Professionals Representation

EOU Shared Governance Bodies

 (Updated 1/18/22)

University Council Committee
ElectedHaaven Carlson2020-22Admin Prof
ElectedLeeAnn Case2020-22Admin Prof
ElectedJeff Carman2021-23Admin Prof
ElectedSamantha Crist2021-23Admin Prof
Faculty Senate Committee
ElectedEmily Sharratt2021-23Admin Prof
Academic Standards Committee
ElectedKathleen Brown2021-23Admin Prof
ElectedCassie Gray-Jeffries2020-22Admin Prof
Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee
ElectedDanny Cecchini2020-22Admin Prof
AppointedRegistrar (Emily Sharratt) N/AAdmin Prof
Athletic Committee
ElectedKylie Evans 2021-23Admin Prof
Budget and Planning Committee
ElectedKris Martens2021-23Admin Prof
ElectedEmily Adams2021-23Admin Prof
ElectedTressa Seydel2020-22Admin Prof
Diversity Committee
ElectedJessy Watson2020-22Admin Prof
ElectedDanny Bailey2021-23Admin Prof
Financial Aid Committee
ElectedMeghan Counsell2021-23Admin Prof
ElectedHolly Chason2020-22Admin Prof
Student Affairs Committee
ElectedCassie Gray-Jeffries2021-23Admin Prof
Elected Justin Montgomery2020-22Admin Prof
Administrative Professionals Executive Committee
ElectedSam Flett2021-23Admin Prof
ElectedKris Martens2020-22Admin Prof
ElectedTara Gekas (finishing Katelyn Winkler’s term)2020-22Admin Prof
ElectedTim Camp2020-22Admin Prof
ElectedHaaven Carlson2021-23Admin Prof
ElectedKerry Thompson2021-23Admin Prof
Committee Reports Directly to the President
University Grievance Committee
ElectedHaaven Carlson2020-22Admin Prof
ElectedKim Sanders2021-23Admin Prof
Committee Reports Directly to the President and Provost

Honors Committee (not active, but planning/building for active status)

ElectedVACANT2017-19Admin Prof