Shared Governance


2017-2018 Shared Governance Committees – Administrative Professionals Representation

EOU Shared Governance Bodies

 (Updated 6/15/17)

Faculty Senate

Elected Emily Sharratt 2017-19 Admin Prof


Academic Standards Committee

Elected Kathleen Brown 2017-19 Admin Prof
Elected Tressa Seydel 2016-18 Admin Prof


Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee

Elected Danny Cecchini 2016-18 Admin Prof
Appointed Registrar (Emily Sharratt)


University Council

Elected Jeff Carman, Chair  2016-18 Admin Prof
Elected Emily Sharratt  2016-18 Admin Prof
Elected Mandy Johnson  2017-19 Admin Prof


Athletic Committee

Elected Jeremy Jones 2017-19 Admin Prof


Budget and Planning Committee

Elected Tressa Seydel 2017-19 Admin Prof
Elected Stephanie Upshaw 2017-19 Admin Prof
Elected Cody Singer 2016-18 Admin Prof


Diversity Committee

Elected Justin Chin 2016-18 Admin Prof
Elected Naomi Tuinstra 2017-19 Admin Prof


Financial Aid Committee

Elected Cora Beach 2017-19 Admin Prof
Elected Kerrie Wylam 2016-18 Admin Prof


Student Affairs Committee

Elected Kerry Thompson 2017-19 Admin Prof
Elected Danny Cecchini 2016-18 Admin Prof


Administrative Professionals Executive Committee

Elected Emily Sharratt, Co-Chair 2017-19 Admin Prof
Elected Jeff Carman, Co-Chair 2016-18 Admin Prof
Elected Terry Walters 2016-18 Admin Prof
Elected Cynthia McCumber 2016-18 Admin Prof
Elected Cora Beach 2017-19 Admin Prof
Elected Genesis Meaderds 2017-19 Admin Prof

Committee Reports Directly to President


University Grievance Committee

Elected Tom Wallis 2016-18 Admin Prof
Elected Colleen Dunne-Cascio 2017-19 Admin Prof

Committee Reports Directly to the President and Provost

Honors Committee (not active, but planning/building for active status)

Elected VACANT 2017-19 Admin Prof



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