Course Descriptions

EOU Theatre Course Descriptions

THEA 110 Selected Topics (1-6)
Topics of current interest/relevance to students and faculty.

THEA 111 Script Analysis (3)
An introduction to the intellectual tools with which to critically and artistically examine a playscript. Historical methods of analysis will be studied and used as models from which to build a personal set of critical questions. Scripts and artists studied will encompass a variety of cultural and social perspectives allowing a broad background from which to view theatre past and present.

THEA 112 Intro to Theatre: Production (3)
An overview of the process of putting a play into performance using directions, hands-on application, current productions, and dramatic literature. Emphasis on the elements of acting, directing, design and playwriting.

THEA 150 Acting I (4)
A performance-oriented overview of the acting process, aimed at providing a basic understanding of the elements of acting including character development, the actor’s instrument, scene work and monologue work.

THEA 214 Intro to Theatre: Dramatic Literature  ONLINE ONLY (3)
A view of theatre through the eyes of the playwright. Includes plays from all major periods and genres.

THEA 216 Classical Dance (3)

THEA 225 Scene Design (3)
Basic theory and techniques of scene design for the stage, to include drafting, sketching, rendering, modeling, and presentation techniques.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor

THEA 230 Theatre Management (1-3)
A practicum class with hands-on experience in the following areas: ticket sales, publicity, stage management, house management, fund raising, graphics, and grant writing.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor

THEA 235 Light Design (3)
Basic theory and techniques of lighting design for the stage, to include conceptualizations, presentation techniques, lighting paperwork and drafting.
Prerequisite: THEA 265 or consent of instructor

THEA 249 Musical Theatre Performance (3)
This course explores performance in musical theatre. Students will be given opportunities to create and express characters through musical theatre pieces. Emphasis will be on developing the musical theatre character.

THEA 250 Acting II (4)
A movement-based, active acting class designed to free the body for self expression. Feldenkrais, Suzuki and Alexander techniques of body work and emotional exploration as well as others will be used to bring a full body to the acting process.

THEA 255/355 Production and Performance (1-2) (S/U)
Application of principles of acting and dramatic production. Credit available for students acting in or handling technical demands of scheduled performances. Number of credits depends upon level of involvement.
prerequisite: Consent of instructor

THEA 256 Stage Combat (3)
Introduction to hand to hand combat and sword work techniques used when staging combat sequences in live stage productions. Basics techniques of tumbling, open and closed hand to hand combat and basic sword fighting will be taught and practiced.

THEA 261 Theatre History to 1850 (3)
A study of theatre in the western world from Classic Greek to 19th Century European. Emphasis on the physical theatre, actors, directors and criticism, with related dramatic literature.

THEA 262 Theatre History 1850-1950 (3)
Continuation of THEA 261 with emphasis on 20th century developments in European and American theatre.

THEA 263 Theatre History Since 1950 (3)
Continuation of THEA 262 with emphasis on contemporary developments in theatre. 

THEA 264 Stagecraft (3)
Introduction to techniques and tools of designing and mounting stage productions. Labs based on currently scheduled performances
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor 

THEA 265 Stage Lighting (3)
Demonstration and practice in the use of lighting equipment for the stage. Students will hand, focus, repair, and manipulate lights for current productions. Includes lab work.

THEA 266 Fundamentals of Costuming (3)
Demonstration of the basic working components of the costume designer including sewing, dyeing, painting, hat-making and mask-making for the stage. Students will also practice basic construction techniques while building costumes for current productions.

THEA 267 Technical Theatre: Makeup (3)
Demonstration of and practice in the use of makeup for the stage – includes character, aging, hair, and three-dimensional technique.

THEA 268 History of Architecture and Decorative Arts (3)

THEA 269 Survey of Musical Theatre (3)
This course explores the history and development of the genre of musical theatre. Emphasis will be placed specifically on the American Musical Comedy of the 20th century.

THEA 270 Scene Painting (3)

THEA 310 Selected Topics (1-6)
Topics of current interest/relevance to students and faculty. Prerequisites on occasion.

THEA 315 Creative Drama (3)
The study of creativity and its function in the educational process. Focuses on the stimulation of individual and group creativity through dramatic activity.

THEA 319 Projects in Theatre (1-3)
Opportunities for participation in special interest areas of theatre such as readers theatre, theatre sports, or mime.

THEA 325 Advanced Scenic Design (3)
Continuation of 324 with emphasis on realized and/or portfolio quality designs and artistic collaboration.
Prerequisite: THEA 324 or consent instructor

THEA 330 Stage Management (3)
An introduction to the role of the stage manager in professional and most amateur theatre. Responsibilities of the stage manager in pre-production, rehearsal, performance and post-production situations will be discussed. The indispensability of the well-trained stage manager will be emphasized.

THEA 335 Advanced Light Design (3)
Continuation of 334 with emphasis on realized and/or portfolio quality designs and artistic collaboration.
Prerequisite: THEA 334 or consent of instructor

THEA 344 Costume Design (3)
Exploration of drawing, painting, design and history of character-appropriate costumes for the stage. Includes life-drawing, color theory and costume construction components.
Prerequisite: THEA 266 or consent of instructor

THEA 345 Advanced Costume Design (3)
Design and artistic techniques are explored in detail in this class including watercolor, gouche, marker and pen and ink. Emphasis will be placed on development of the costumes designer’s portfolio.
Prerequisite: THEA 344 or consent of instructor.

THEA 350 Acting III (4)
Study in the Meisner technique. Through exercises and improvisations, students learn to find their performance in their acting partner. Skills such as active listening, responding on impulse, and the reality of doing are sharpened and developed into a solid approach to acting.

THEA 351 Acting IV (3)
Expanding the actor’s instrument, particularly the voice, is achieved through the study of Shakespeare’s verse and characters. Vocal diagnostic and exercises are employed as well as analysis of verse through scansion technique.
Prerequisite: Acting I, II, III or consent of instructor

THEA 353 Fundamentals of Play Directing (3)
Exploring the principles and practices in beginning directing. Skills are learned through exercises and analysis, then applied to rehearsing a scene for public performance.     Prerequisite: THEA 212, 214, 250, and 2 of 3 of THEA 264, 265 or 266

THEA 354 Advance Directing (3) Writing Intensive
Advanced projects in directing are designed to challenge and stretch basic technique. Students are encouraged to develop a personal approach to their craft through work on stylized material and one-act plays performed for the public.
Prerequisite: THEA 353

THEA 360 Playwriting (3)  ONLINE ONLY
Introduction to the art of building and organizing play scripts. Dramatic structure, formation of effective characters and the creation of dramatic action units will be emphasized.

THEA 362 Irish Plays (3)

THEA 363 Banned Plays (3)

THEA 364 The Plays of August Wilson ONLINE ONLY (3)

THEA 366 Advanced Tech Theatre: Costume (3)
Advanced projects in costume construction including cutting and draping, large-scale mask construction, and dyeing and painting.
Prerequisite: THEA 266

THEA 400 Theatre Collaboration (3)
A practical study in the art of collaboration. This course prepares students with advanced training in theatre production for the realities of the market place. Communication skills are developed using media particular to directors, designers, actors, and playwrights. A final project is presented at the end of the term.

THEA 405 Reading and Conferences (1-5)
An intensive study of a playwright, a theatrical style, a theme, or other specialized topic not normally included in course offerings.
Prerequisite: Upper division standing

THEA 406 Senior Project (3)
The design, research and implementing of a project that reflects the student’s expertise in an area of theatre scholarship or production.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor

THEA 407 Senior Seminar (1)
Intensive study of theatre topics with emphasis on student and faculty information exchange. Shared presentations, resumes, graduate school information and Senior interests and ideas will be highlighted.
Prerequisite: Senior status

THEA 409 Practicum (1-5) (S/U)
Selected students will gain practical supervised experience in some aspect of theatre productions.
Prerequisite: Upper-division standing, admission to program, and consent of instructor

THEA 415 Theatre Pedagogy (3)
A practicum in developing a process of classroom instruction. Students will assist in teaching the acting courses while exploring their own technique for instruction.   Prerequisite: Consent of instructor

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