Living with a roommate is an opportunity to share your college experience with someone going through the same transitions you are. Many college roommates build friendships that last a lifetime! While this relationship can be a wonderful and positive experience, it can also come with challenges. Although most roommates get along very well, it is natural for some to have issues that will arise over the year.


If an applicant has not specifically requested to room with another person, residents are placed based on the answers provided for the questions in the housing application. It is very important for applicants to answer each question honestly, so that Residence Life can place you with the person best fitted to your answers.

Roommate Requests

If you know someone specific that you would like to room with, you are able to request them as a roommate. Please be aware that roommate requests must be mutual among everyone placing the request. Whoever you are requesting, whether it is one person or three, must request you in return or you may not be able to be roomed together. Those wishing to be placed together will also need to make sure you choose the same living preference (i.e. hall and room type).

Conflict Management

If you and your roommates are experiencing an issue, the first step is to discuss the matter among yourselves and try to come to a mutually agreeable solution. If you are not able to resolve the issue on your own, ask your RA to serve as a mediator in the discussion to reach a solution. If a solution is not reached, your RA will bring the issue to the Area Coordinator.

Changing Roommates

Please see Changing Rooms.