Conduct at EOU

The Purpose and Intent of the Residence Life Conduct System:

The codes of conduct in place for our community have but one central purpose: to create the best possible experience for all members of the community. All of the policies within the Residence Life Office and the University are in place to promote an environment where students can be challenged and learn as they grow. Students that come into conflict with the standards set for the community will enter into a process designed to provide an educational experience that is enlightening and developmental.
In our community, we emphasize responsibility and citizenship. We want our residents to assume a responsibility for their actions and act as contributing members to our vibrant community. We recognize that each student in our communities is an individual with a different background and experiences. Each student will have unique goals, needs or wants. It is because of this that the conduct system is not set up to punitively match an offense to a penalty – but rather is a holistic process designed to provide students with the opportunity needed to gain understanding and growth around their points of conflict with the community standards.