1. Q: Who owns the railroad?

A: The Wallowa Union Railroad Authority (WURA) purchased the Joseph Branch line and is the owner.

2. Q. Why are Rail WITH trail, couldn’t we build a Rail TO trail?

A: Part of the agreement with WURA is to leave the rail line in place. This will preserve the track for potential future use, as well as for the Excursion train that currently uses the rail line.

3. Q: Has anything like this every been done before?

A: Yes! Learn more about the national program here: http://www.railstotrails.org/

4. Q. Where are we in the process?

A: A feasibility study is being completed and trail alternatives are being developed. After opportunities for public comment, a presentation will be made to the WURA board in December 2015 to determine whether to proceed with this project.

5. Q: How can I learn more, or ask a question?

A: Leave us a comment.