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National Student Exchange

Imagine spending a term in a different part of the country, as close to home as Idaho or as exotic as Hawaii or New York! After completing 45 credits, EOU students are eligible to apply to National Student Exchange. Make your stay last one term or up to a full academic year. Through NSE, students pay EOU tuition and still use EOU scholarships and financial aid.

Apply to EOU today and start planning on YOUR exchange!

Already enrolled?

Use the online application or pick up an application TODAY from the International Student Services Office in Hoke 209.

Finding a campus:

  1. Pick up your free NSE directory (HOKE 209)
  2. After visiting the NSE website (, click “member campus” link and choose at least 3 schools that interest you.
  3. Make an appointment with the EOU NSE Coordinator to discuss potential exchange options.
  4. Visit with your academic advisor regarding your plans to study away!
  5. Make an appointment with the staff in the financial aid office to discuss financial matters.

After Placement:

  • Meet with the NSE coordinator and complete the Placement Acceptance Form (PAF).
  • Complete instructions given directly to you by the host institution for admission, registration and housing.
  • Schedule your travel plans and notify the host coordinator of your arrival date.
  • Update your mailing address and other contact info in your Webster.