National Student Exchange Application

National Student Exchange Application

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Language Proficiency
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If you plan to exchange to a campus in Puerto Rico, you must be certified for proficiency in Spanish. If you plan to exchange to a French-speaking university in Canada, you must be certified for proficiency in French. If English is not your first language, for all other NSE locations you must demonstrate proficiency in English. Language proficiency must be determined prior to placement.
Emergency Contact

Special Needs or Circumstances
If you have a physical condition for which accessible, on-campus housing or classroom accommodation might be needed; a documented disability which may require academic accommodation (e.g., note-takers, taped texts); a medical condition which might require immediate attention during exchange; or a condition which might affect emotional or mental well-being during exchange, you are encouraged to identify your needs by attaching a separate page indicating the nature and extent of your circumstances and arrangements, which are currently being made for you on this campus. Also indicate whether or not we may contact your requested host campuses at this time. NSE does not discriminate on the basis of special needs. Rather, your disclosure at this stage of the application process is invited in order to assist you in identifying a placement site which can provide reasonable accommodation of your needs. Following placement, it is your responsibility to consult the host campus coordinator and ADA officer to determine the deadlines by which you must submit written, current, and professionally documented information as required by your host campus. Written documentation is usually due to the host campus two to three months prior to enrollment.