Solve That Problem

Solve That Problem is an event for Geometry, Algebra II, and Open students only.  The following is a basic description of the contest, directions will be given the day of the event.  Here are examples of Geometry, Algebra II , and Open questions.

  • The facilitator gives  a brief description of the problem.  The students are unable to see the problem at this time.
  • After the description is given the bidding time for completing the problem starts at 2 minutes.
  • Students that believe they can complete the problem within that time raise their hand.  The bidding process continues as students who believe they can complete the problem more quickly, lower the completion time.
  • Once the winning bid is awarded, that student goes up to the overhead.  The problem is then revealed to all the competitors.
  • All competitors work on the problem.  If the winning bidder completes the problem correctly within the bid time, they are awarded maximum points.  All competitors that complete the problem within two minutes are awarded points.

Here is a short video showing the bidding process.