Marketing Degree

Marketing Degree

in the College of Business

When you complete a degree in marketing you open yourself up to a variety of career choices. Every business and every individual ‘markets.’ Businesses market their products and services. Individuals market themselves as politicians, or as a job seeker when they interview for a job. A degree in marketing not only helps you learn the field of marketing, it helps you to better understand your role as a consumer. 

“Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy

and help them to do so.”

Bryan Eisenberg, speaker and online marketing pioneer

Earn a bachelor’s degree in Marketing

Our BS/BA in marketing degree will not only provide students with a solid business and marketing specific foundation, but also research and presentation skills through learn-by-doing experiential opportunities in marketing. The skills learned are immediately applicable and include emerging digital, interactive, and mobile technologies; web and data analytics; project management; interdisciplinary integrated marketing communications; creativity and innovation. Students will also develop important communication and teamwork skills.

Already in a major other than Marketing or Business Administration? Consider the Marketing Minor

Our minor in marketing provides you with a broad exposure to marketing concepts, methods and skills designed for you to apply marketing practices successfully to your chosen major.

Why an EOU Marketing degree? 

The Marketing degree at EOU is designed for you to learn from experience, ensuring that you are career-ready.  The business, marketing, and emerging technology knowledge and skills you develop come from practical experiences, rather than from only theory.  Classes are taught by professors who have worked as marketing professionals and they, and guest marketing speakers, share those work experiences with you in your classes.  The program is also committed to connecting you with real world hands-on projects in courses and through The Agency and The National Millennial/GenZ student clubs resulting in a professional portfolio upon graduation that showcases your EOU academic career to potential employers!

Learning Outcomes

• Apply critical thinking skills and problem-solving techniques to a variety of complex business situations.
• Create brand awareness through digital marketing platforms and social marketing management.
• Evaluate the impact of the rapidly changing macro and micro marketing environment on the development of a marketing strategy.
• Define the elements of international marketing.
• Develop strategic marketing plans built on market research, customer analysis, and key financial indicators.
• Communicate outcome-based sales proposals to diverse audiences.

Where can it take you?

Wherever you want to go! The EOU marketing degree is designed to ensure you gain basic business skills and develop an expertise in marketing.  From developing  a personal brand to creating a television commercial, the classes will help you develop your communication skills and presentation skills so you can become successful in whatever career field you choose. An EOU degree in Marketing also helps develop research, analysis and problem-solving skills, which leads to better decision making for any endeavor.

Potential marketing careers:

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Manager/SEO
  • Website content designer 
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Promotions/Advertising Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Media Buyer

How to get started

Contact Us!

For more information on achieving a degree in Marketing contact:

Dr. Shari Carpenter

Dr. Shari Carpenter
Phone: (541) 962-3616

Dr. Subhra Chakrabarty

Dr. Subhra Chakrabarty
Phone: (541) 962-3574

Gain Practical Experience!

The National Millennial/GenZ Club          

The EOU NMC/GenZ Club’s vision is to create a dialogue that effectively changes the conversation about the millennial generation. We want to raise the standard of millennial thought and challenge the misconceptions created by the generation gap.

Our mission is to create an environment for the free exchange of ideas by providing a platform that intelligently communicates millennial thought.

Our approach is to actively engage the voices of the millennial generation via roundtable discussions and Think Tank conversations with key influencers in government, business and in the communities where we live and work.

Join the EOU NMC/GenZ Club in making a difference in the conversation. Be a part of a club that talks with executives from all over the globe. Your voice can help to influence a better understanding of the value of millennial generation.

Grow your connections. Grow your experiences. Get inspired and help change the conversation.

The Agency Club   

The Agency is a club that students can join to gain practical experience in marketing. Students will work on projects that give them real-life experiences that can be added to their resumes. Students choose positions in the agency that align with their career goals. The Agency functions similar to a marketing agency, working with and completing projects with businesses. 

The club is led by Dr. Shari Carpenter, Ph.D., MBA. With over 30 years of business experience focusing on marketing, including having owned a successful marketing agency, she guides students to create and implement successful marketing campaigns.