The Agency

The Agency gives students an opportunity to help companies and organizations grow their businesses while giving students real-life experience that adds to their resume and helps them get jobs.

The Agency is a club that students can join to gain practical experience in marketing. Students will work on projects that give them real-life experiences that can be added to their resumes. Students choose positions in the agency that align with their career goals. The Agency functions similar to a marketing agency, working with and completing projects with businesses.

The club is led by Dr. Shari Carpenter, Ph.D., MBA. With over 30 years of business experience focusing on marketing, including having owned a successful marketing agency, she guides students to create and implement successful marketing campaigns.

Students gain experience.

  • The Agency provides students a learning experience that can be directly applied to actual marketing clients.  Students will work on real-life marketing projects that help grow the local and regional economy while earning credits toward a marketing concentration.

Businesses Grow

  • The Agency will help determine your marketing needs and create solutions.  An initial meeting with a potential business will ensure the agency can meet the needs of the business.

The Agency

Student created marketing solutions that help businesses achieve success.