First Year Experience at EOU


First Year Experience at EOU is a community of practice linking together the services, programming, and courses that are designed to support first year students in transition from high school to college.


First Year Experience supports first year students at EOU through their transition into higher education by providing services, programming, and courses that foster student confidence, agency, and integrity.

Guiding Principles


  • Individuals and departments who work with first year students build cross-departmental partnerships and work together to remove silos and barriers to student success. 

Equity and Access

  • We recognize and identify systemic inequities that disrupt student potential and success and create opportunities to foster equitable access to learning.

Strategic intentionality

  • We use research, data, and other evidence to guide decision-making and programming and strive for excellence through relevance and quality over convenience and quantity.


Goal 1: Students will participate in a culture of community

  • Students will build relationships with faculty, advisors, and support service staff
  • Students will identify and evaluate the expectations placed on them as members of the scholarly community
  • Students will identify with and become involved in the academic, co-curricular, and social domains of the EOU community
  • Students will engage in reflective and collaborative practices to explore their identities and responsibilities in the EOU community
  • Students will demonstrate openness to new perspectives in a diverse world

Goal 2: Students will develop knowledge, skills, and dispositions that promote academic and personal growth

  • Students will select a program of study that is consistent with their academic and career goals 
  • Students will make measurable efforts to advance skill in writing, reading, critical thinking, communication, research, and study skills
  • Students will develop the confidence, knowledge, and self-advocacy skills to access support services for academic improvement