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Supervisor Steps for Employing a Student

Supervisor Steps for Employing a Student

Step 1: Preparing a Student Job Description, Hiring Criteria & Interview Questions

  • Create/edit a job description that incorporates all the categories provided to you in this guide. All requested information in the job description appears at different steps of the hiring process.
  • Save EOU Student Employment Job Description Template in a Word document for future use
  • Save each EOU student job description in a Word document for future editing
  • Determine and document your hiring criteria (required for posting)
  • Draft your interview questions based on the hiring criteria (finalize them after posting)
  • Request help from Career Services if you get stuck or frustrated – email careers@eou.eud

Step 2: Posting an EOU Student Job (department-funded and/or Federal Work Study funded)

  • On the EOU website, go to Career Services homepage and click on the “Mounties Work” tab. Located under the Supervisor Resources, click on “Post an On-Campus Student Employment Position” button
  • Complete the Laserfiche Student Employment Posting Request form
  • The Career Development Coordinator will review and post the position found under the “Student Resources” by clicking on the “Apply for On-Campus Student Employment Positions” button
  • Student applicants will contact you via email with the requested application materials and you provide ‘next step’ communication to them

Step 3: Reviewing & Selecting

  • Create a timeline and messaging for your search including a review-of-applicants and interviewing schedule for your student applicants
  • Using your hiring criteria, rate your applicants and select for interviews
  • Schedule the interviews (do not interview alone) and use your hiring criteria-related questions
  • Document the applicant’s responses and your comments/notes – file them
  • Document your final selection using your hiring criteria as a framework – file
  • Officially offer the position to the selected applicants and communicate to the non selected applicants

Step 4: Hiring & Payroll

  • Start the process of hiring by getting the student electronically entered into our Web Time Entry system by setting up the timesheet. Within the electronic EOU Student Employee Management system, click on the Hire New Students Employee button and submit the EOU Student Employee Hire New Student form
  • Student and supervisor set up timesheet submission and approval schedule with calendar notifications; EOU pay period for students goes from the 15th to the 14th of each month

Step 5: Performance Evaluation & Learning Outcomes

  • Onboarding & continuous training activities/schedule
  • Regularly scheduled check-ins focused on: 1) performance feedback, 2) evaluating needs for training/professional development, and 3) progress toward achieving learning outcomes
  • Once-a-Quarter Mounties Work & GROW Performance Evaluation

Step 6: Concluding Employment