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Budget and Planning/Tuition Advisory Committee: Membership


Peter WordelmanCAHSS22-25
Tanya KauslerCOB22-25
Karie SmuckerCOE23-26
Tony TovarCSTMHS21-24
Katie TownsendLibrarian21-24
Kris MartensAdministrative Professionals21-24
Le Anne SlippyAdministrative Professionals 21-24
Tressa SeydelAdministrative Professionals 22-25
Helen MooreClassified Staff21-24
Lyle HendersonClassified Staff22-25
Calvin BennetStudent23-24
Drew LuscoStudent23-24
JW DippoldStudent23-24
Appointed Fall 2023Student23-24
LeeAnn Case Ex-Officio (without vote)Budget OfficeN/A

Ex-Officio: LeeAnn Case – Interim Vice President of Finance and Administration

Staff Support:

Director of Institutional Research: Reza Jalaeian Taghadomi
Director of Information and Technology/CIO: Jeff Carman
Director of Facilities & Planning: John Garlitz
Admin Support: Jordan Withers (2023-24)