Biology Faculty

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Andy Baltensperger, Ph.D.

Phone: 541-962-3610
Office: BH-303E

Dr. Andy Baltensperger is a Landscape Ecologist with a variety of research interests including biodiversity patterns, biogeography, mammalogy, distribution change, and machine learning models. He is pursuing new projects involving undergraduates in alpine ecology carnivore distribution modeling, and remote detection, as well as diversifying the EOU greenhouse and digitizing the herbarium. Andy teaches Principles of Biology, Riparian Biology, GIS Analysis, Plant Taxonomy, Forest Ecology, and Plant Physiology.

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Jenny Bartell

Phone: 541-962-3527
Office: BH-303A

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Shaun Cain, Ph.D.

Phone: 541-962-3433
Office: BH-235E

Dr. Shaun Cain is a neuroethologist with a focus on invertebrates. His research investigates the nervous control of behavior using behavioral, electrophysiological, and neuroanatomical techniques. His research projects provide opportunities for undergraduate research for students seeking degrees in biology, biochemistry, and psychology. Currently, students are studying the role of neurotransmitters in the control of ciliary transport, the neuroanatomy of transmitter systems in molluscan brains, and potential mechanisms of habituation and sensitization in the peripheral nervous system. He teaches Human Anatomy and Physiology, Cell Structure and Function, Comparative Animal Physiology, and Cellular Neurobiology.

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Joe Corsini, Ph.D

Phone: 541-962-3334
Office: BH-303D

Dr. Joe Corsini is a broadly trained Biologist with research interests in a variety of biological topics including molecular virology and Eocene-Oligocene paleontology. His active student projects include: Coliform analysis at the End Creek restoration site, molecular dynamics simulations of Aden-associated Virus Rep peptides and phylogenetic analysis of Oligocene turtles. He teaches Principles of Biology, Microbiology, Immunology and Environmental Biology. MORE

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Laura Mahrt, Ph.D

Phone: 541-962-3022
Office: BH-303F

Dr. Laura Mahrt is a Herpetologist with specialization in local amphibians. Her student research projects include: population ecology and population genetics of the threatened Columbia spotted frog (Rana luteiventris) and population ecology of migratory songbirds  on Ladd Marsh. When not studying snakes, turtles, frogs and birds, she teaches Introductory Biology, Principles of Biology Labs, Vertebrate Structure, Ecology, Mammalogy  and Ornithology.

Brian Myers, Ph.D

Phone: 541-962-3331
Office: BH-303B

Dr. Brian Myers is an evolutionary biologist with broad, interdisciplinary interests. The primary goal of his current research is to delineate the specific factors of anthropogenic activity that affect wild populations the most and to identify how human disturbance affects the underlying genetic architecture of wild populations. His work includes many opportunities for undergraduate researchers, spanning field, lab, and computational work. He teaches Principles of Biology labs, Genetics, and Evolution. MORE