Dr. Joe Corsini

Dr. Joe Corsini is a broadly trained Biologist with research interests in a variety of biological topics including molecular virology and Eocene-Oligocene paleontology. His active student projects include: Coliform analysis at the End Creek restoration site, molecular dynamics simulations of Adeno-associated Virus Rep peptides and phylogenetic analysis of Oligocene turtles. He teaches Principles of Biology, Microbiology, Immunology and Environmental Biology. MORE
Contact Dr. Corsini: jcorsini@eou.edu

Dr. John Rinehart

John Rinehart is a Molecular Geneticist with research interest in the evolution of North American beetles, especially bark beetles (Scolytus and Dendroctonus). He routinely trains and employs students as part of his research program, preparing many of them for graduate school. He teaches Principles of Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology.
Contact Dr. Rinehart: jrinehar@eou.edu

Dr. Karen Antell

Dr. Karen Antell is a Botanist with a keen interest in restoration biology. She is actively involved with several restoration projects, including the Eastern Oregon University’s Rebarrow Research Forest and the End Creek wetland north of La Grande. As a field biologist, much of her teaching occurs out of doors at her restoration study sites. She teaches Principles of Biology, Botany, Riparian Biology, Plant Physiology, Agrostology, Plant Taxonomy, and Forest Ecology. MORE
Contact Dr. Antell: kantell@eou.edu

Dr. Laura Mahrt

Dr. Laura Mahrt is a Herpetologist with specialization in local amphibians. Her student research projects inlude: population ecology and population genetics of the threatened Columbia spotted frog (Rana luteiventris) and mixed foraging flock behavior of birds. When not studying snakes, turtles, frogs and birds, she teaches Introductory Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Ecology and Ornithology.
Contact Dr. Mahrt: lmahrt@eou.edu

Dr. Shaun Cain

Dr. Shaun Cain is a Neuroethologist with a focus on neurobiology of the sea slug Tritonia. Particularly, he is addressing questions about the neuronal control of migration. His projects provide many opportunities for undergraduate research. He teaches Human Anatomy and Physiology, Cell Biology, Animal Physiology and Cellular Neurobiology.
Contact Dr. Cain: scain2@eou.edu