Volume 5, Issue 1: SPECIAL ISSUE: Kat Galloway Retrospective


Basalt 2010 Issue: Featuring Kat Galloway

This issue features an affectionate memoir about Kat’s student days by her university art teacher, Cheryl K. Shurtleff, a critical essay by the Art Editor of basalt, several of Kat’s own often very moving and articulate artist statements about her important bodies of work, and a chronology of her life. In addition, there is a portfolio of many of Kat’s bold and vigorous drawings, a color portfolio drawn from her Belted Galloway series, a photo essay by Mona Dinger of Kat’s studio as she left it at the time of her death, an important work she did after her first stroke when Kat realized her eye sight was failing, as well as the provocative drawing she was working on when she passed away.