“Not only did I earn a degree from Eastern Oregon University, I became a member of a wonderfully supportive, engaging community. This community helped me grow as a musician, an educator, and a person. I had great professors in my department, but I also got to know other professors, faculty members, administration, and staff who were all friendly and welcoming. Some of my greatest memories on campus were sitting in someone’s office, sipping a cup of coffee, and discussing the recent choir concert or art exhibit. Student success both during school and post graduation is a priority on campus. The community strives to educate independent, strong individuals. Being a member of the EOU family is not something easily forgotten. Even though I am now living in Vermont, pursuing a Master’s degree in Music Education at Castleton University, I keep in touch with my professors and staff on campus for continued support and advice. My success at Castleton hinges on my time at EOU. Every time someone asks me about my undergraduate university, I am proud to say I was a Mountaineer!”


Caite Debevec, '15
Sitka, Alaska