What’s The Good Word?

What’s the good word?

This section of EOU’s website is dedicated to the collection and distribution of student testimonials, thoughts, and sentiment regarding Eastern Oregon University in their life. To add to this collection please


Choosing the exercise science concentration as my route to physical therapy school was one of my best academic decisions. Not only was I prepared to be accepted to a Doctor of Physical Therapy program, but I also developed a strong passion for exercise and nutrition. My favorite part of the Physical Activity & Health program is the practicality of the content. I can use the knowledge I gained from these classes in my everyday life.”

Cassie Wendt, '15
Physical Activity & Health

“Great advisers to work with! They made the transition from a community college to a university easy and took all the stress away!”

Carlee Morton
Agricultural Sciences (transferred from Treasure Valley Community College)
Adrian, Ore.

“Eastern Oregon University is a family and community as well as a school. The professors know who you are and work with you personally to help you be as successful as possible. All of the opportunities provided at EOU have given me the chance to be a leader in my community and develop skills that will be used in my everyday professional life.”

Makayla Adams
Vernonia, Ore.

“Eastern Oregon University allowed me to be sure I was interested in the field of psychology before committing to a college. EOU gave me a college level understanding of the material from home. They allowed me to boost my education, get college credits early, and helped me be a step ahead when I graduate high school. Taking college classes through EOU is an amazing option! The classes are packed with information you can carry with you and use. The teachers and staff are supportive and there to help you succeed. I think taking this extra step while still in high school has tremendous benefits and helped move me toward my academic goals.”

Kaya Quarterman
High school junior, River Springs Charter
Desert Hot Springs, Calif.

“The returning student and APEL programs at EOU have made my long-deferred goal of finishing my degree much more realistic. When I stopped attending EOU in 1995 to focus on raising my family, I always planned that I would go back to school. EOU’s quick returning student process allowed me to step back into taking classes. Working with my advisor, I realized that my real-life experiences over the last 20 years could help me earn credits toward a degree. Returning to college at a later stage in life is definitely not easy, but with the help and support of my advisors, my goal is a realistic and achievable one.”

Bonnie Mitchell
Communication Studies
Richland, Wash.

“As a nontraditional student juggling work, family and community commitments, the idea of going back to school can be very daunting. EOU has been a great fit for me because of the accessibility and flexibility of the online degree programs; I can pursue my dream while still maintaining my other commitments. The advisors and faculty I have worked with at EOU have been so supportive and encouraging, and my advisor has been there cheering me on from the start. I am proud to be a Mountaineer!”

Laurie Fialka
Business Administration
Hermiston, Ore.

“Being an online student with Eastern Oregon University has been a great opportunity for me. It has given me the chance to fulfill my dream of getting my degree in communications, and is flexible enough that I can be there for my family and take care of their needs. The staff and instructors I have encountered have been generous, caring, and always willing to help. The quality of instruction I have received through the online program at EOU has been exceptional. I am proud to be an EOU student!”

Liz Thompson
Communication Studies
Carson, Wash.

“EOU is unlike any other theatre department. In my time at Eastern, I was able to participate in every aspect of production from acting, to design, to directing. EOU prepared me for my professional work and graduate school in more ways than I can count.”

Alan Stogin, '18
Las Vegas, Nevada

“The decision to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. During my time at EOU, I found my true passion in psychology, made lifelong friendships, and have had everlasting experiences. Psychology faculty at EOU go above and beyond to provide students with the required tools for success at school and beyond the undergraduate education. I am proud to be an EOU alumna.”

Natalia Garrison
La Grande, Ore.

“I grew up in Vietnam and moved to the United States without knowing English. My thirst for knowledge and desire to attain the “American Dream” have motivated me tremendously. After witnessing the level of healthcare and poverty in my home country, I wanted to be someone who can positively impact the lives of many individuals. Now this goal is more than just a dream, it is becoming a reality. Once I finish my undergraduate studies in Physical Activity and Health, I can apply to physical therapy school. Eastern Oregon University (EOU) staff and teachers are dedicated to helping students reach their goals. As a student at EOU, I am thankful to be part of a school that encourages and provides continuous support toward student success. EOU is more than just a university, it is a family.”

Tan Hoang
Physical Activity & Health
Pendleton, Ore.

“I love the flexibility of online schooling through EOU. I can fit in all that I need to get done throughout my day and I can do schoolwork at a time that is convenient for me. Compared to other schools, I believe that EOU has a far better organizational structure of their online environment. I especially appreciate how helpful the staff are. Even though you may live hundreds of miles away, they are very attentive and willing to assist you in any way possible. Thus far, I have had a great online experience at EOU and I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering continued education.”

Amanda Machuca-Martinez
Integrative Studies
Fruitland, Idaho

“I made the decision to restart my goal of obtaining a bachelor’s degree about three years ago with Eastern Oregon University. I could not have expected all of the life changes that would come my way after that point: a job promotion, moving to another state, getting married, and now expecting our first son in the next month. Eastern Oregon University’s online program has been incredibly flexible and accommodating through all of these changes. I’ve appreciated the quality and challenge in the coursework, along with the support and attention from the professors and faculty.”

Frank Smiaek
Business Administration
Oakland, Calif.

“I was really nervous about the idea of going back to school. I wasn’t sure if I could fit it into my regular life, where I’m married and work a full-time job. But I heard about EOU’s online program through a friend, and thought that kind of program could work for me. I started off with one class, and I’ve continued taking one class per quarter and chipping away at that degree. It’s taken me five years, but I’m really proud of myself for not giving up and continuing with my classes. I’m signed up for my final class this fall, which I’ll take during my maternity leave. I can’t wait to check off that final box. I’m so grateful that EOU offered a program like this, where I could learn so much, and also fit my degree into an already busy life. I’ve had great support from my advisors and professors, and the whole experience has been great.”

Jessica Groseth
Business Administration (Accounting)
Bend, Ore.

“I really liked taking a college class at EOU because I discovered what it was like to be a college student. I am interested in becoming a psychologist and EOU allowed me to take a college level psychology class. I think taking a class at EOU, while still in high school, is a brilliant thing to do. You earn college credits while still in high school, prepare yourself on how a college class works, and begin planning for college early because you know what to expect.”

Jazmyn Ponder
High school senior, Springs Charter School
Corona, Calif.

“I felt prepared for medical school with the good foundation EOU gave me. The science faculty are so much more teaching oriented and accessible. I loved that it was a small campus and I also came out with a lot less debt.”

Shakira Bandolin, MD, '09
2014 National Outstanding Medical Student Award Recipient

“I work for Union County’s mental health organization (CHD), with the Developmental Disabilities team. My job as Services Coordinator for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities is to present the service options, coordinate with providers, and ensure the individuals’ health and safety in that process. At EOU I completed a capstone with CHD, and that experience was instrumental to getting hired in Baker County, then later with CHD. I use knowledge and skills from my Anth/Soc classes every day in my job. Empathy is key to social work. Being able to understand people and where they are coming from is key in supporting them successfully the way they want to be supported. The capstone allowed me to explore options, and acquire marketable skills.”

Rachael Reilly
Baker City, Ore.

“Eastern Oregon University offers a holistic approach to student engagement, including passionate faculty, supportive staff, and multiple flexible course and degree options. This created an environment of success, resulting in tangible benefits that go beyond a degree: growth in self-awareness, further appreciation of diversity, a drive to continue learning, and a passion to pay it forward. Through the support of my family and opportunity from EOU, I was able to earn my Bachelor of Science degree online – a reality I did not imagine possible in my rural community.”

Rhianna Byrd
The Dalles, Ore.

“Eastern Oregon University allowed me to explore my options for a major of study and find a home in the department that fit me! The smaller classes and closer relationships you build here will stay with you for a lifetime!”

Saraya Wise
Hermiston, Ore.

“I am currently serving in the beautiful country of Perú as a Youth Development Volunteer for the United States Peace Corps. The Anth/Soc department prepared me to be a critical thinker and global citizen, with a passion for service and volunteer work. My capstone project explored EOU students’ attitudes and behaviors with respect to the environment and conservation. In Peace Corps I am working with local institutions to engage and train youth and other community members to undertake and complete projects focused on sustainability. After service I plan to study Mental and Clinical Health Counseling with a focus in (Outdoor) Adventure Therapy and continue working with youth. ¡Mejores deseos!”

Alondra Esquivel, '17
Anthropology/Sociology Outdoor Recreation & Leadership Minor

“Going through the art program at EOU challenged me as an artist, making me stronger and more well-rounded. The best part was the Senior Studio, where I worked closely with peers and had the much-needed space to create for our Senior Exhibition.”

Sheyenne Johnson, '16
Art, Psychology
La Grande, Ore.

“I had a lot of reasons to go back to school and finish my degree. I initially went to college right after high school and was unaware that I was dyslexic. I didn’t know how my brain worked and I didn’t know I needed accommodations. Now in my late 30s, I was bothered by the fact that I ran a business where I did dyslexia tutoring, but I didn’t have a bachelor’s degree. I felt really uncomfortable asking clients to trust me because I felt I didn’t have enough education. Between having a business, a family and living in a rural area I knew online education was my only option. It has been great to have this opportunity to go to school on my schedule. For me, going back to school was something I had to do to prove to myself that I could do it. I also wanted to show the kids I work with that it can be done, disability or not. Working with disability services, I am able to be the student I always knew I could be. I love adding to my education and being able to finish my degree. I think it is something that will be a lifelong benefit in many ways.”

Michon Silapath
The Dalles, Ore.

“I am attending EOU because it is convenient and affordable, while still offering a high quality education. Both the staff and professors are extremely helpful and take an interest in providing the best service possible to help each student reach their academic potential.”

John Herrington
Business Administration
Eagle, Idaho

“The EOU distance education program gave me the opportunity to return to school and finish my bachelor’s degree. The program was very affordable and the people were very friendly. EOU’s staff and faculty offer a great environment with lots of help and a chance to change the course of your life. It also offered me the opportunity to finish my Master’s Degree and now I’m a certified teacher in Oregon.”

Bill Shaw
Business Administration
Elkton, Ore.

“I began studying for my bachelor’s degree at 28. As a non-traditional student I had years of life experience in both career and international travel. When Assessment of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) was recommended to me by a professor, I was intrigued. It helped me to analyze my prior career and travels from an academic perspective and realize what I had learned in my years outside of the classroom.”

Mara Kalat
Integrative Studies (Spanish, Anthropology-Sociology)
La Grande, Ore.

“My time in the MFA program at EOU was the one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences for me as a writer. Working with my professors and classmates helped me gain confidence in my work and submit it for publication. Now, as a doctoral student in creative writing, I’m able to draw upon the extensive foundation of genres and writing styles I encountered at EOU. Today I participate in readings in my local literary community and my school’s literary magazine. In all, EOU’s beautiful atmosphere and its knowledgeable and talented faculty are truly inspiring.”

Amy Parker, '17
Master of Fine Arts in Writing
New York state

“The art department at EOU is a valuable asset to our campus. Small class sizes and amazing studio facilities give students a hands-on experience they won’t ever forget. Learning from the fantastic professors, as well as other students, I have gained so much confidence going forward in my career.”

Devon Galiszewski, '16
Art, Business
Baker City, Ore.

“I’ve been living in Denver for about a year, working for a special education attorney here and I love it. We represent children with disabilities who are not being provided a free appropriate public education (FAPE). The attorney I work for recently won a landmark case that was ultimately decided by the US Supreme Court. I find great satisfaction in knowing that I am working toward real change for a population that needs it. EOU and Anth/Soc helped me get to where I am. In fact, it was my background in sociology and the behavioral therapy I was doing in Idaho that helped me get hired at this firm. Because of the type of law I work in, I also end up working with a lot of people who are in very difficult situations and who do not know how to navigate bureaucracy. I am constantly relying on what I learned at EOU in dealing with these situations. I am the front line for talking with clients and walking them through the process, and I even get to advocate for them in certain cases.”

Mary Lakey
Denver, Colo.

“Having a family, working full time, and running a business restrict the amount of free time that I have. Eastern Oregon University’s online classes are the perfect fit. Knowledgeable instructors are more than willing to answer questions in a timely manner, and students in the same class are connected so you can talk if another student is having similar difficulty with a portion of the class. Online classes at EOU work well with my busy, and sometimes hectic, schedule.”

Bob Fossek
Business Administration
Pendleton, Ore.

 “The customer service at EOU is great for online students. I have been helped every step of the way to finish my degree that I started over 30 years ago. I appreciate the great staff at EOU who helped me complete my journey!”

Dawn Lawrence
Business Administration
Hemet, Calif.

“EOU’s psychology program benefited me so much as a student. Unique undergraduate opportunities like hands on experience with conditioning rats and IQ testing, as well as research projects and opportunities to work as a student aid and a psychology tutor has allowed me to excel after graduation from EOU in both graduate school and the early steps in my career.”

Denica Hill
Boulder, Colo.

“Taking a college class at Eastern Oregon University is a wonderful experience and a great way to gain new knowledge about EOU itself. EOU gives a great opportunity to pick classes you are interested in and is a good way to start thinking about what you want to study when you attend college. Even better, it was an opportunity to get both high school credit and college credit at the same time. My transcripts reflect that I took a college class in high school and I can show that when applying to universities after high school. EOU also offers help for students. If you need help on a writing assignment EOU has tutors. I took a Psychology class, which was a great experience. This class can help to earn credit towards my future career as a social worker.”

Heylin Ayala
High school senior, River Springs Charter
Riverside, Calif.

“After getting my associate’s degree I knew I wanted to further my education, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to move to another dorm and city again. I then chose to complete my degree completely online, and EOU provided everything required — even for a student in Texas. Throughout all of my courses I have been able to find everything I needed thanks to the many services EOU provides online, from Pierce Library resources to technical support. This is truly a university that works with students.”

Ashley Canales
Alice, Texas

“The APEL course at EOU was an absolute gamechanger for me. After searching for a university where I could pursue my degree in economics, I stumbled across EOU and the APEL course. Not only was I able to obtain a year’s worth of upper division credits in a single course, I learned APA style writing while simultaneously creating a professional website where I could host my resume. The amount of time and money you can save with APEL is incredible. Eastern Oregon University is way ahead of the game! College is difficult to navigate without a helping hand, but at EOU they come alongside of you to make sure you finish what you came here to start.”

Taylor Pasanello
Broomfield, Colo.

“While attending EOU as a Student Older Than Average my experience was great and I didn’t feel out of the ordinary. The opportunities for support from my professors and my classmates were endless to help me achieve my degree.”

Marie Allman
Pendleton, Ore

“My time at EOU gave me the foundation I needed to succeed in graduate school and helped give me the confidence, knowledge, and experience that any actor needs to flourish in their craft. The training I received at EOU and the camaraderie I had with other students and faculty in the program will always be invaluable to me.”

Rick Mugrage, '15
Union, Ore.

“As a long-time Cove resident, I was so blessed to receive a big-city education within a 20-minute drive from my rural home! I don’t think Union County realizes how fortunate it is to have this gem of a university. The professors see students as individuals instead of numbers, and really work to hone each person’s potential. I am so thrilled to use my communication degree to better my community in my role as the Outreach Coordinator for a small nonprofit. Thanks to my education at EOU, I can now write grants, news articles and other written copy with ease. I can also plan complex events to inspire students to take an interest in science and rural health careers, assist regional high school instructors in the delivery of online health occupations curriculum, and so much more. Thanks Eastern!”

Brittany Hargrove
Communication Studies
Cove, Ore.

“If you had told me five years ago that I was going to live in Eastern Oregon and graduate from EOU, I would have questioned you. These last five years have been absolutely amazing, regardless of the hard times. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it.”

Alex Taunton, '18

“I chose to go back to school as a bucket list item. Three years later I am nearing the finish line of graduating with a bachelor’s degree! I have enjoyed the freedom of EOU’s online classes, as they have allowed me to work around my job and family. I have also had the opportunity to travel without slowing down my education. The professors have been a great support in helping me achieve my goals. I also appreciate my advisors who have done an excellent job in guiding me through this process.”

Karen Miller
Integrative Studies
La Pine, Ore.

“EOU online courses are great for working adults with careers who are looking to continue or complete their university coursework. A big part of why I will complete my degree through EOU online is because the professors are always available for advice and guidance. The advisors know the courses, professors, and ways to help students succeed.”

Gabe Ortega
Integrative Studies (Communications/Social Anthropology)
Salem, Ore.

“The math department at Eastern is amazing. Faculty are so willing to work with students to help them succeed. With the help and encouragement from my professors and fellow students, I made it!”

McKenzie Garlock
Clatskanie, Ore.

“When I decided to go back to school, I researched every school in the state. I found that to be an online student and continue to work full time, most schools added an ‘online fee’ per credit, making it extremely expensive. EOU was the only one to meet all of my requirements to return to school. They transferred all of my credits from Colorado, I could finish my degree 100% online, and the tuition was very reasonable compared to other Oregon universities. I could not have finished my degree without the encouragement I received from instructors and advisors. I am graduating debt free and that is not something you hear every day.”

Claire Shank
Business Administration
Durango, Colo.

“I began as an online student and finished on campus my last year. Soon after graduation I accepted a position at the Department of Human Services in Union County, in the Aging and People with Disabilities (APD) division. I have since accepted the Executive Director position at Shelter from the Storm, Union County’s domestic violence shelter. Finishing my Anth/Soc degree and courses on campus proved to be helpful in making contacts, working with faculty, and developing a professional network. The transition from school to work can be stressful, but my degree prepared me to be effective in social work.”

Jamie Landa, '17
Union, Ore.

“EOU’s faculty and staff go above and beyond for their students. With a multitude of life challenges, I really rely on a strong support system. EOU has supported me through some very tough times. With a strong social network, I am halfway through my program and one step closer to a career in Medical Social Work.”

Mariah Meyerholz
John Day, Ore.

“Eastern Oregon provides a great learning experience. By completing online while working full-time I was able to accomplish a huge goal of purchasing a home at 19. I have found the degree to be very helpful as I have begun a career in public accounting.”

Brady Watkins
Business Administration, Accountancy
Meridian, Idaho

“With a major career change in my 40s that required a bachelor’s degree, EOU was instrumental in getting me prepared for my new profession in social services. I was hired as a Union County CARE Resource Coordinator to help create, build, and implement a new resource partnership for at-risk students and their families. EOU provided me with the skills I needed, not only in the realm of sociology and social welfare, but also with a well-rounded approach to collaborative communication, community building, and mindfulness toward individuals and situations. To me, the education I received through EOU was more than academic — it was the hands-on practicums, daily interactions with faculty and staff, and the challenge of finding my purpose within my community and world.”

Sheryln Roberts, '14
La Grande, Ore.

“I always assumed that after college I would struggle to find a career I enjoyed. However, I have come to realize that the opportunities for students in this field are vast and growing immensely.  The passion I have for the work, as well as the knowledge I gained while at EOU, helped me to excel at the job. I  could not be happier with the career path I have chosen and the opportunities that became available to me due to the excellent education I received.”

Ashley Butler
Communication Studies
La Grande, Ore.

 “Eastern Oregon University and the center in John Day have been an all-around amazing experience. I was such a lost soul before meeting my advisor, Chris Cronin. I had minimal educational credits and tons of life experience to present, but I needed a path. Being able to continue my job, being a mother and wife, and maintaining that connection with the distance center was just what I needed: whether it was a phone call to faculty, emailing back and forth, on-site courses, weekend learning or just lending an ear. Eastern Oregon University was the best fit for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend EOU as a learning institution and am forever grateful for this experience. It has been an honor to go to school here and I hope that distance education continues to grow and bless the lives of non-traditional students for many years to come!”

Chely Peterson Carpenter
Physical Activity & Health
John Day, Ore.

“I have a Bachelor of Arts from EOU in Sociology and Anthropology with an emphasis on research and social welfare. I also have a Master of Social Work from USC. I am a therapist with training in dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy and many other modalities. I continue to work with underserved populations that suffer from homelessness, addiction, trauma (sexual, emotional, physical), and mental illness. I help them find the life worth living while cultivating empathy for the world around them.”

Nelson Calderon
Anaheim, Calif.

“EOU’s MBA program allowed me the opportunity to expand my professional skills through interactive classes, a challenging master’s project, and practical advice from my professors and peers. I truly enjoyed the strong relationships I gained with professors through my project, as well as the experience of mentoring undergraduate interns. The skills I developed have prepared me to support EOU and the community into the future!”

Dana Kurtz, '15
La Grande, Ore.

“I have been going to EOU for a few years now as an online student. After graduating from BMCC with my associate degree in 2013, I landed a great full-time job and became very involved with the community, which made it hard to leave my hometown of Pilot Rock. I began taking classes full-time, but was not sure if I would like it or not. After a term I realized how much I loved being an online student. The professors made my online classes feel like a normal class by engaging with students through Canvas. I worried about not getting interaction as an online student, but that quickly passed because of how the classes were run. I love the freedom of being an online student the most. It fits my busy work schedule; I am able to attend multiple board meetings without having to worry about missing class. But I was still able to participate in the full college experience. In fall 2015 I went on a study abroad program to Costa Rica to study international business and it was amazing. I went into the trip only knowing Professor Gow, and left the trip with many new friends. EOU has been a great experience for me as an online student.”

Joey Grosjacques
Integrative Studies
Pilot Rock, Ore.

“Being part of EOU is like being part of one giant family. The professors and the faculty are amazing and are very willing to work with you. They are open and will take the time to get to know you as a student. The opportunities that EOU provides for students to get involved on campus are amazing. Through being a Resident Assistant and working with many other organizations on campus, I have gained great leadership skills and built many long-lasting relationships that I will treasure forever. I have learned a lot through being a student at EOU and I know that EOU has truly helped me become the individual I am today.”

Sierra Reagan
Physical Activity & Health
Portland, Ore.

 “Some say you make your best friends in college. For myself here at EOU, that couldn’t be any more true. Eastern has provided me with lifelong friends. It really is a family here. We truly care about each other. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.”

Zach Bartlow
Waitsburg, Wash.

“I am so pleased with my EOU Online experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a supportive and positive online educational experience. When I decided to go back to school I knew I needed something that would fit my needs, and EOU was exactly what I was looking for. As a single mother of a 4-year-old and 1-year-old triplets, I knew that typical in-person college classes wouldn’t work for me. Luckily, EOU has numerous programs and degrees that are entirely online. I have always loved working with children and EOU’s Early Childhood Education degree was perfect for me. At first I was nervous about online classes, as I had only previously taken in-person classes before, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out how easy they were to navigate and how accommodating they were to a person like me who has limited time to devote to school work. What I really enjoyed about my online classes was the feeling of a community even though we are all far apart, and the ability to communicate with my classmates and professors from anywhere in the world.”

Allison VanLeuven, '20
Early Childhood Education
Pendleton, Ore.

“Throughout my years in college I had trouble finding my true passion, something to turn my life into a career. A hands-on business marketing course called TheAgency@EOU helped me explore the advertising world by letting me work with and develop ads for real businesses in La Grande.”

Nicholas Duffy
Business Administration
Camas, Wash.

“It is difficult to put a price tag on a liberal arts education because it provides you with so much more than the prospect of a decent salary. What I found most appealing about the history classes here at EOU is that they challenge you intellectually and force you to think critically about the past and how it has influenced, and continues to influence, the way we interpret the present. The small class size at EOU provided a space for me to engage with my professors and classmates at a more intimate level and challenge the way I understand the world. The faculty at EOU are extremely talented and capable individuals who helped me gain the essential skills and knowledge that I can take with me into graduate school at the University of South Florida. I plan to continue the research I began here at EOU in the M.A. program in History at USF, which explores how economic science has framed the way we interpret the meaning of civilization and progress in American society, and how this has shaped the nature of modern capitalism.”

Johnny Fulfer, '16
M.A. history student at USF

“When I came and visited the campus, I loved how small the campus is. The Agricultural Science department is very personable and it’s really nice that you can pick any major to go with your degree.”

Bonnie Laib
Range Management (transferred from Walla Walla Community College)
Dayton, Wash.

“The EOU Psychology program gave me an extremely strong foundation. I was more prepared for my graduate school classes than many of my classmates. I now have a rewarding and challenging career as a Clinical Psychologist in the United States Public Health Service.”

Abby McCabe
Western Maryland

“Cost and location played a part in my decision to come to EOU, but in the end I wanted to be in a place that supported me. With an enthusiastic and friendly staff, EOU helped me realize that there are always people to help me become who I want to be.”

Thanh Nguyen
Business Administration
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

“I am a full time student at Eastern Oregon University. I received the Phi Theta Kappa Mountaineer Award and it helped me pay for tuition. The application was simple and easy to fill out. I would highly recommend applying for it.”

Kalsey Gaus
Agricultural Sciences (OSU)
Lakeview, Ore.

“Eastern is awesome. There is something here for everybody whether it be the Chem Club or intramural sports or even theater and music. No matter what there is something here for you, if not you can just start up your own club.”

Justin Hutton
Physical Activity & Health
Notus, Idaho

 “There are not enough words to say all the good things about the art program at EOU. Excellent professors who care about their students, classes that are challenging and engaging, and great facilities — including individual studios for the seniors — are just a few of the things that make Eastern’s art program great. I have been prepared with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to become a professional artist.”

Donni Later, '16
Union, Ore.

“My time at EOU taught me new areas of my profession that I never would have explored otherwise. Now, besides working for a local theatre company as an actor, I have constructed scenery in Seattle, styled hair backstage, and choreographed over 50 combat sequences for various productions.”

Cody Wyld Flower, '15
La Grande, Ore.

“The classes and productions I participated in [at EOU], prepared me for a multitude of enriching opportunities, both within the many settings in the community, and now in my current position at Lane Community College. My hat goes off to all the Eastern Oregon University Theatre staff who allowed me to explore and gain lifelong learning skills.”

Buck Potter, '09
Eugene, Ore.

“I lived 9 months in eastern Oregon and I got the opportunity to see biggest cities and how people are over there but in La Grande I’ve met wonderful people, simple, friendly and humble. I never felt like I was not part of the community either at EOU or in La Grande, people didn’t hesitate to help me. People never judged me and I always felt safe which is very important as a foreigner.
At the university first of all I really liked the teachers who are very close to you, you can communicate with them easily they are always happy to help when you have issues and they ask you questions to learn about your culture. So I loved that they were so open-minded, learning our culture without any judgements. Plus we were with the american students in the same class and they helped us and considered us as their equal.”

Pierre-Louis Bulté


“I am working as the General Counsel for Greater Oregon Behavioral Health (GOBHI), based in The Dalles. GOBHI works with behavioral health organizations, especially those providing services to Oregon’s rural and frontier counties. After finishing my Anth/Soc degree, I attended law school. My EOU experience has grounded some of the legal work I do for GOBHI, and I have been able to apply a social welfare sensibility to the work, so it’s been a wonderful professional combination.”

Henry O'Keefe
Adel, Ore.

Eastern Oregon University has the affordability, small class sizes and caring faculty that make a monumental difference to student success. Politics and Economics taught me to think critically about factors that influence our political system. Program faculty encouraged me to engage in campus life. I served as EOU student body president so I could make a positive difference for students. Now I work in Washington, D.C. and, like on campus, continue to make public policy that works for everyone.

Katy Barnett, '08
Senior Associate, Pew Charitable Trust
Washington, D.C.

“I love the flexibility of EOU’s online program. Doing school work online allows me to keep a full time job, which means farther down the road I will have less debt. It’s a great trade-off.”

Mikayla Baird
Milton-Freewater, Ore.

“Not only did I enjoy my time in the psychology program, but I was thoroughly prepared for my masters of counseling program. As an athlete, I was supported by my teachers both in the classroom and in the gym. Small class sizes allowed me to get the individual time I needed to be successful. The only thing I would like to have changed, is there to be a masters program within the field at Eastern so that I wouldn’t have had to have left.”

KC Loper
Powell Butte, Ore.

“I enrolled in the Emergency Medical Service Administration (EMSA) program at EOU in fall 2015 with a specific goal in mind: to become a contributing leader in the field of emergency medicine. I have followed a non-traditional path with regards to my education. I enlisted in the Army right out of high school and after 6 years of service I was medically discharged due to a parachute accident during an airborne jump. Through this experience, I developed an interest in emergency medicine and began pursuing the required education to become an EMT-Paramedic.

I currently work as an incident medical specialist on wildfires while taking classes full time at EOU. The EMSA advising team is extremely helpful and willing to work with students based on their individual background and existing commitments. I was granted permission to complete my paramedic program concurrently with the EMSA program. The flexibility of the online format is great as it allows me to work while taking courses. As a veteran, EOU’s team was able to guide me through the process of using my GI Bill benefits to the fullest. The knowledge gained from my EMSA courses directly applies to the field and is essential to understanding the leadership and administrative responsibilities in emergency medicine. “

Peter Byrne
Emergency Medical Service Administration
Incident Medical Specialist

“The experienced professors were very supportive, offering advice to not only better my learning as a future teacher, but as a lifetime student and learner. I owe great thanks and appreciation towards EOU in pairing me up with my practicum and student teaching placements.”

Katie Johnson
Elementary Education
Grand View, Idaho

“As a student, I benefited from EOU scholarships and local community scholarships to assist with my education. I was also able to begin my professional career in the criminal justice system prior to graduation. I kept a connection with the broader community while a student, a connection many students, staff, and professors at EOU. Attending a university in a small community also meant I could balance schooling and work to maintain an affordable lifestyle. I believe this balance was a large part of my success and contributed greatly to my professional career development.”

Tiffany Hansen, '12
La Grande, Ore.

“The faculty and staff members are a great influence on my experience at EOU. They are very supportive and encouraging. EOU is a great community to help build strong relationships with your professors.”

Aisha Abimbola
Boise, Idaho

“I earned my bachelor’s in Anthropology/Sociology from EOU, and I’m now working for Umatilla County as a Mental Health Associate for a new prevention and outreach program, where we conduct small skills groups in the schools. I have also completed the first year of a master’s degree program in clinical health counseling. I credit EOU, specifically the faculty, with my success in my career and passion for my work with children. With an academic focus in sociology, I could better articulate the areas in which our society is lacking, which ignited my passion for social change.”

Taylor Wilson, '15
Pilot Rock, Ore.

“Eastern Oregon University has empowered me to explore opportunities in the political arena. Professors like Jeff Dense led courses that challenged me to take my education to new levels. I am so grateful for EOU and the chance it’s given me for an equal opportunity in life, to overcome systemic oppression and impact future generations. I love my country and believe in the American Dream. Eastern helps me to realize that dream, preparing me for all endeavors to come. As a global citizen I will engage in government, fight for human rights, and go on to graduate school.”

Carlin Sacco
Politics & Economics
Pendleton, Ore.

“I made an effort to use all the accelerated options EOU offered. I’m a non-traditional student with a heavy professional workload. The flexibility and cost savings of the Assessment of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) program was just one of the attractive attributes of EOU. A student utilizing APEL must understand this program may save them a great deal of money, but does require sincere effort through articulation of their gained knowledge. Students detail experiential learning and correlate it with theory – they may also find the process of working through APEL requirements to be a learning tool in itself. If completed early, the APEL project serves a second purpose as a reference guide while completing a degree. I was very satisfied with my APEL experience.”

Jerry Mott, '18
Business, Communication
Monmouth, Ore.

“Going to EOU as an online student has been such a rad experience. EOU has a Military/Veteran online advisor that is prior military and can honestly relate to the struggles of going to school while actively serving, or transitioning to a civilian. I have gotten so much support from Eastern Oregon University, I wish I lived in Oregon!”

Loren Barazza, U.S. Army Veteran
Health and Human Performance
Leesville, Louisiana

“I attended EOU as a non-traditional student from 2011 to 2016. All of my professors and mentors during that time were phenomenal, I learned and grew so much as both a writer and a reader. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am professionally if it were not for their guidance and instruction. They were instrumental in helping me publish poems in The Paddock Review, basalt, Red Savina Review, The Tower Journal and Nailed. Not to mention my poetry chapbook, All Those Lilting Tongues, which was just published in September 2018. In addition to those publications, I also teach creative writing courses online for Southern New Hampshire University as an adjunct instructor. I owe all my recent successes to the faculty of EOU’s English and Writing Department.”

Theresa Hamman, '14 & '16
B.A. in English/Writing (2014) Master of Fine Arts in Writing (2016)
La Grande, Ore.

“I work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker within the mental health field, administering and managing a 16-bed residential facility in Eugene. I previously worked in children’s psychiatric day treatment, interpersonal violence, and addiction/recovery, while pursuing my master’s in social work–something I would not have considered were it not for the Anth/Soc program at EOU. The professors gave me confidence to perform in the high demands of the workforce, as well as complete a prestigious graduate program (USC). These same professors continue to provide professional support today.”

Michelle Sprouffske
Eugene, Ore.

“I loved EOU because the class size was small and the interaction with the faculty was great. I felt like there was a lot of interaction with the professors and with the smaller class sizes they were always happy to work with students and their schedules. EOU was great for a student like me because it is a smaller campus in a rural part of Oregon where it doesn’t take long to know everybody. Even though it is a small school it definitely prepared me for a competitive program with a steep learning curve the first year and I was able to compete with students from other large universities with big names. I think students who want to enter a professional health field like veterinary medicine should load up on upper level science courses and maintain a high GPA. Also, it is very worthwhile to study and learn about all the different career paths in veterinary medicine. I am working on finishing my clinical rotations so I can graduate from OSU’s vet program in June 2018, and my future plans are to practice beef cattle production medicine potentially feedlot and cow/calf settings.”

Dan Hansen, '14
Agricultural Sciences, Pre-Veterinary (via OSU partnership program)
Boardman, Ore.

“The transition from Treasure Valley Community College to Eastern Oregon University was simple and easy. I was grateful for the fact that they are on the same schedule as far as terms, as well as when the school year starts and finishes, so I was able to adjust much easier. I am also appreciative of the helpful staff and the quick responses I got when it came to questions I had.”

Tessa Conrad
Education (transferred from Treasure Valley Community College)
Ontario, Ore.

“I love EOU because of the amazing people who work here and the way they have their door always open for you if you have a problem. It is a very nice campus with small a class size and amazing teachers. Outside of class there are so many activities you can do that overall it’s been an amazing experience here!”

Govind Brar

Ludhiana, India

“Eastern Oregon University is more than an educational institution, it’s a family.”

Andrew Farris
Physical Activity & Health
Freeport, Flo.

“Eastern Oregon University and the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship they provided for me have been among the best experiences of my life. Here I have found a new escalation in the quality of my peers and a myriad of new and exciting opportunities.”

Hawkeye Morgan
EOU Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship Recipient
Salem, Ore.

“While earning my degree in Anthropology/Sociology, EOU presented me with an opportunity to volunteer at an Oregon Youth Authority Correction Center. I volunteered as an art instructor, which gave me a springboard to continue this passion as an employee of the Union County Juvenile Department. Teaching a weekly art class is just one of the many exciting things I do as our county’s Juvenile Diversion Counselor. Furthermore, I was able to start part-time employment during my last term at EOU before graduating. This eventually led to the full-time permanent position I have today. EOU was instrumental in my success.”

Theo Miller
La Grande, Ore.

“The Public Administration program at Eastern provided me with the knowledge and skills that I needed to be successful in the public sphere. From the United States Congress to the Oregon State Senate, I would not have had these opportunities without the strong education I had through this program.”

Evan Bryan, '15
Legislative Director at the Oregon State Senate
Hillsboro, Ore.

 “I would place the quality of the education I received from my professors in the Anthropology/Sociology program up against any school. Professors are not only teachers, but also advisors, mentors and friends. They bring the material to life and make it interesting. Most of all, the relationships you form drive you to succeed. EOU’s program is top-notch and deserves the highest level of consideration.”

Casey Dreher
Director, One Arizona Student Vote Coalition
Phoenix, Ariz.

“As a full-time working professional, taking classes online was the best option for my busy schedule. EOU’s remarkable staff made my transition seamless and the instructors challenged me to succeed. Even though the tuition is already very affordable, there were many scholarship opportunities that helped me finance my education. I had such a positive experience that I decided to continue my education with EOU’s MBA program this fall.”

Lacey Towers, '17
Business Administration
Vale, Ore.

“I have been taking online classes during my lunch hour for several years. When my job ended, I was in a great position to finish a bachelor’s degree in business since I had been pursuing it on my own time. Now I have a better chance of successfully returning to the workforce. If you are thinking about taking online classes, do it!”

Connie Hoskins
Business Administration

“Eastern Oregon University’s online program has enabled me to accomplish my dream of completing my Bachelor of Science degree. I did so while flying for a bush pilot outfit in Emmonak, Alaska. My education has been so important that I am expanding my dream and continuing on with the low residency graduate MFA degree program at EOU, possibly from a beach in Mexico. EOU’s distance education works.”

Deborah Bone
Integrative Studies
Battle Ground, Wash.

“APEL enabled me to complete my undergraduate degree in a timely and efficient manner. The process was guided expertly by the class instructor and the feedback I was given was extremely helpful in enabling me to craft both an effective and meaningful essay. What was truly amazing was seeing how my life experiences have been so educational and the fact that EOU has built a program that allows students to turn experiential learning into college credit is incredible. I would encourage any adult student with life experience to seriously consider the APEL process.”

James Wierson
Estacada, Ore.

“I like how simple Eastern Oregon University’s classes are! The college classes were not as difficult as I thought they would be and EOU was really helpful with all of their student resources. I am able to get ahead and save money by earning college credit while in high school and I highly recommend it to other students!”

Sabrina Benitez
High school junior, Renaissance Valley Academy
San Jacinto, Calif.

“The Native American Studies Minor has allowed me to be informed as a scholar and as a Native American woman, in concert with my culture to recognize how to face challenges and use critical thinking and scholarly methods when doing so. I am an enrolled Tribal Member with the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation and am a proud graduate of the Native American Studies program at EOU. I have worked full-time throughout my education these past years to successfully accomplishing my goals, which I pursued in order to give back to my community. My professors have been supportive and challenged me to succeed. Dr. Linda Jerofke has been an excellent mentor and professor.”

Kathryn Quaempts Burke, '18
Liberal Studies
Pendleton, Ore.

“Small class sizes in the Psychology program made for an easy way to meet with my professors out of class. Classes were always challenging yet enjoyable with the discussions and the professors’ own spin on each lesson.”

Kevin Albertson
Portland, Ore.

“As a directing student at EOU, I studied acting, design, playwriting, and other practical courses. When I entered graduate school I had an edge over the other directors, because I could speak the language of the actor, tech and designer thanks to my well-rounded education at EOU. I have independently produced work in Chicago with programs like The Second City, The Annoyance Theater and IOChicago. My theatre training made me very desirable at Groupon in a position that took me around the world, because I could deliver leadership, independence, and creativity while meeting deadlines. I still maintain close ties with my professors. EOU Theatre isn’t just a program. It’s a family.”

C. Dylan Plummer, '03
Ontario, Ore.

“EOU accepted most of my courses from Montana and helped me fulfill my dream of helping others through EOU’s anthropology/sociology program. The teachers/professors have been very enlightening and the support staff have been very quick to lead me along the road to success.”

Dorthea Butler
Great Falls, Mont.

 “Small class sizes, exceptional learning opportunities, a welcoming community and outdoor activities for every season make EOU a great place to attend college. Whether you are looking for a liberal arts education or a professional one, EOU has something for everyone.”

Stephen Clements, Ph.D.
Business Faculty
Mayor of La Grande, Ore.

“I found the Fire Services Administration program at EOU to be very important in my development as a chief officer, and the classes to be truly relevant and rewarding.”

Scott Stanton
Chief, Umatilla Fire District #1

“I’m a mental health therapist and substance abuse counselor at Grande Ronde Recovery in La Grande. I received my bachelor’s degree from EOU in 2009, then enrolled in United States Peace Corps as a volunteer in Bulgaria. After returning home, I earned my master’s in social work. I plan to continue providing mental health and substance abuse services within our community, and I owe my success to the education and support I received at EOU, and the professors in both the sociology and anthropology programs.”

Brittany Pryce, '09
La Grande, Ore.

“Currently, I work in L.A. with the Motion Picture Costumers Union as a custom tailor. EOU gave me the opportunity to discover my true passion and my career path in the technical side of theatre/film. With the wide variety of classes and electives, I was able to discover and explore every aspect of theatre. I learned persistence, patience and how to work with budgeting and deadlines.”

Trea Taylor, '08
Los Angeles, Calif.

“The art department at Eastern is one of its strongest departments. The one-on-one attention and care we receive is so refreshing compared to crowded lecture halls where one can get lost in a sea of faces. Faculty care so much about my success both professionally and personally. I have grown close to my fellow artists and professors during my time at Eastern.”

Erica Hitzman, '16
Pendleton, Ore.

“EOU Online allowed me to continue my education while also balancing family and work commitments. The courses challenged me and broadened my perspective. I had a great adviser who helped me navigate my degree. I knew I could count on their guidance and support, without which I might not have finished.”

Natalie Schwalenberg
Integrative Studies (Anthropology/Sociology)
Bend, Ore.

“I have created friendships through my time in Phi Theta Kappa that allow me to see how reachable my goals are while encouraging me to further my personal growth with connections to students at EOU, which have become as important as the degree I am working toward. The rewards from my peers will stay with me forever and will impact the rest of my time here at EOU as well as later in my chosen career.”

Ida Ghramm
Dufur, Ore.

“As a veteran that explored three of Oregon’s state universities, I can say without a doubt that Eastern Oregon University is best suited for my needs. My wife and I are both in school full-time, while I work a full-time job, we raise our two school-aged children, and I volunteer. The veterans’ staff at EOU is accommodating, helpful and prompt. They have always answered my questions quickly and provided me details on the best path to success. The EOU online learning environment is very well done. Being a distance learner, the faculty make it easy to learn, enjoy the process and be successful. I would highly encourage veterans to take the APEL course and allow your years of service to be an advantage for you in completing credits. Eastern Oregon is the right school for me and for ANY veteran trying to have a successful university experience.”

Matthew Lawyer, U.S. Navy Veteran
Communication Studies
Salem, Ore.

“Being Active Duty, I need to have an incredibly flexible schedule and Eastern Oregon University has been able to provide that. Kerry Thompson, Military/Veteran Coordinator, has been most helpful in recommending which classes I should take and pointing me in the right direction for financial assistance. Everyone knows that school can be relatively expensive, but between Pell Grants, TA, and academic scholarships through EOU, I have not had to pay a dime starting my senior year. I would highly recommend EOU for any military members, past, present or future!”

Hayden Hawkins, U.S. Army Active Duty
Business Administration
Lakewood, Wash.

“Not only did I earn a degree from Eastern Oregon University, I became a member of a wonderfully supportive, engaging community. This community helped me grow as a musician, an educator, and a person. I had great professors in my department, but I also got to know other professors, faculty members, administration, and staff who were all friendly and welcoming. Some of my greatest memories on campus were sitting in someone’s office, sipping a cup of coffee, and discussing the recent choir concert or art exhibit. Student success both during school and post graduation is a priority on campus. The community strives to educate independent, strong individuals. Being a member of the EOU family is not something easily forgotten. Even though I am now living in Vermont, pursuing a Master’s degree in Music Education at Castleton University, I keep in touch with my professors and staff on campus for continued support and advice. My success at Castleton hinges on my time at EOU. Every time someone asks me about my undergraduate university, I am proud to say I was a Mountaineer!”


Caite Debevec, '15
Sitka, Alaska

“I’m thrilled that the Outdoor Adventure Program and newly founded Yoga Club provide the opportunity to get outside, stay in shape and remain active! Co-founding the Econ Club and my role as president of student government have also allowed me to further explore my major outside of the classroom setting.”

Addie Beplate
Philosophy, Politics & Economics
Salt Lake City, Utah

 “I loved my time at EOU! The small class sizes allowed for more personalized attention from professors who truly cared about my success, both inside and outside of the classroom. The campus community was supportive and created an environment in which I could thrive academically and socially.”

Deneil Hill, '10
Boulder, Colo.

“I earned my degree in a field that everyone warned me would merit no income: theatre. I am happy to announce that everyone was wrong. What is theatre? Storytelling. While I did not immediately succeed as an actress, I discovered a different venue that used my theatre skillset – marketing, which is also storytelling. Utilizing my performance knowledge and theatrical design skills, I have become a successful marketer. Theatre gives me the confidence to present myself to any audience, and I found that there are more places to ‘perform’ than a stage.”

Heidi Gerlach, '18
Eugene, Ore.

“I absolutely fell in love with my classes and the professors. The professors’ doors were always open willing to help a student succeed. Everyone was so personable! EOU is a tight-knit community with a great teacher-student ratio. I loved how each professor knew my full name, knew where I came from, and what exactly I was pursuing. The campus itself is beautiful during all seasons with gorgeous backyard views of the mountains that Union County has to offer. The La Grande community is very supportive and provides a ‘home’ feeling.”

Micela Riley
Physical Activity & Health
Seattle, Wash.

“As a manager in the healthcare industry, I use the analytical, personal and communication skills I learned at EOU on a daily basis. I am a proud graduate and can confidently say this program has made me a better leader in my field.”

Emily Higgins
Business Administration, Psychology, MBA
Portland, Ore.

 “I took every opportunity I could to be more involved on and off campus. Being an officer of multiple clubs helped develop my leadership skills and broaden my network.”

Philip Deenik, '16
Chemistry, Biology
Ph.D. Candidate, University of New Mexico

“I like taking EOU classes for college credit because it allowed me to branch out from the traditional classes that my high school offers. Since I go to a smaller school, there weren’t many options for classes to choose from. EOU has a large selection for me to choose from, which has made it fun to earn my high school credits, while also earning college credits! For me, it has allowed me to not only get ahead academically, but also mentally. I feel like I’m better prepared for college now! If you are thinking about taking classes through EOU to earn college credit while in high school, I say DO IT!! It will challenge you academically and help you become a better student.”

Kyleigh Chalfant
High school junior, Springs Charter School
Riverside, Calif.

“As an online student at EOU, I was challenged by coursework that focuses on relevant topics and skills. Tutoring centers and other student services were very helpful. EOU has proven to be a fantastic choice for my family and myself.”

Bryton Lochridge
Business Administration
New Plymouth, Idaho

“EOU allowed me to attend school fully online, which made it possible for me to work and help my family financially. It hasn’t been easy balancing a full-time job with full-time school, but I’m on a mission and I’m not willing to give up on my dreams. My advisor, Jacelyn Keys has helped me immensely in selecting classes and concentrations and, most importantly, believing in me. EOU has been a great experience and I would definitely choose this school again if I had to start over. I recommend EOU for everyone, especially people who enjoy small class sizes, need the flexibility of online courses, and want to pursue their dreams.”

Jasmin Roldan
Business Administration
Hermiston, Ore.

“The APEL class was the most inspiring class I took at EOU. It helped me acknowledge my past experiences and then merge them into my future academic and professional life goals. The class assignments kept students engaged and interacting with each other, and through this process I realized I could reach my dream of completing a bachelor’s degree. This class allows students to evaluate the past, recognize developed skills, and acknowledge learning outside of higher education, all the while propelling them forward. APEL allows students to earn credits based on what they already know – and at a bonus – reduced tuition!”

Frederick Wallace
Anthropology/Sociology, Communication Studies
Salem, Ore.

“The Integrative Studies degree really helped me to find the perfect combination of minors that incorporate my passions and strongly prepare me for going into a Mental Health Counseling master’s degree program. My Early Childhood Development/Education and Sociology/Anthropology minors position me to develop strong interdisciplinary skills. Both minors, as well as their connection to my current career as a teacher and future as an adolescent mental health counselor, prepare me to help children.”

Jillian Gerschefske
Integrative Studies
Medford, Ore.

My English/Writing professors took as much of an interest in my well-being as they did in my writing. My understanding of writing, which was built and nurtured by one-on-one interactions with English/Writing faculty, has been the most valuable tool I have in terms of education.

Mackenzie Trotter, '14
La Grande, Ore.

“As an online student, my experience at Eastern Oregon University has been positive. The process of applying for Chapter 31 went seamlessly and I encountered nothing but willing assistance along the way. My VA advisor has pointed me in the right direction whenever I have encountered difficulties with class selection and registration. My academic advisors check in with me on a regular basis to make sure I have all that I need to be successful in my pursuit of a Computer Science degree. Additionally, when I had a medical situation recently, all were more than supportive and allowed me time to recover and begin work in my classes as I got better. My class instructors have been extremely helpful as well. I am currently not able to maintain a full load of classes, but there was never any discussion of me having to drop out, and I have been able to reduce my credit load to fit my situation. I have no doubt that with their continued support I will be able to fully accomplish my goal of obtaining a Computer Science degree at EOU. Much respect goes out from me to all the Veteran Advisors and Counselors who have helped me along the way.”

John Kirk, U.S. Army Veteran
Computer Science
North Bend, OR

“Eastern Oregon University has given me the chance to obtain new leadership skills, while being in leadership positions. I am thankful that I have had the chance to learn from some wonderful leaders. I would not be on this path if it wasn’t for the chances I was given to make a change on campus.”

Micah Troutman
History, Theatre Arts
Union, Ore.

“I chose EOU’s online program because it is affordable, allowed me to stay at home with my three young children full-time, and worked around my chaotic life. The online program has been nothing short of wonderful as far as allowing me to pursue my education while being a full-time parent.”

Brandy Bishop
Madras, Ore.

“EOU’s classes for high schoolers are uncomplicated and don’t overload students on assignments. My classes were free! I recommend that others should definitely take advantage of college credit and accelerated coursework. Even though it was not as difficult as I thought it would be, it will count towards college and high school credits and can help graduate high school early!”

Caden Carlstrom
High school junior, River Springs Charter
Eastvale, Calif.

“Since leaving EOU, I have performed as a stand-up comedian, musician, stage actor, improv performer, production assistant and writer. The tools I gained from EOU have gone a long way in making my dream a reality. The environment allowed me to make mistakes and learn from them in meaningful ways.”

J.J. Hill, '11
Pendleton, Ore.

“Guiding, passionate and inspiring individuals truly exist at EOU. The mentoring, leadership and memories that faculty provide are exceptional. I gained hands-on management experience as president of the Associated Students of Eastern Oregon University (ASEOU), all while being a student-athlete. Flexibility is what truly sets EOU apart!”

Sidronio Rangel
Master of Arts in Teaching
Fruitland, Idaho

“It is a privilege to say that I attend a university that truly cares about its students, from the committed staff to the helpful hands of faculty. I am one step closer to my future profession and it all has been thanks to the carefully outlined programs.”

Victor Saldana Meza
Business Administration
Milton-Freewater, Ore.

“My experience as the McKenzie Theatre technician has prepared me for the best in my upcoming career. For the past three years I’ve worked with coordinators from both the university and community, and the wide range of events has been beneficial in expanding my range of expertise.”

Rachel Bentz
Technical Stage Staff, Royal Caribbean Cruises
John Day, Ore.

“The EOU Theatre Department is in large part responsible for setting me on the path that I’m on today. I have a successful career as an actor because the faculty in this department showed me how to pursue it, and kept telling me that it was possible, even when I was unsure of myself. They continually encouraged me to reach farther, to dig deeper, and to be more than I thought I could be, both on stage and off. Perhaps most significantly, they showed me the vital importance of empathy and compassion in the theatre – a lesson I’ve never forgotten, and one that has carried me through the entirety of my career.”

Josh LeBrun, '03
Kansas City, Missouri

“My experience with Eastern Oregon University has been fantastic. I have done the majority of my classes with EOU Online and I am very pleased with the staff, instructors, and advisors. I was worried about my financial aid and the staff never failed to reassure me and answer all questions quickly and completely. My advisor is amazing to work with and has made my transfer to EOU Online painless and smooth.”

Yvonne Wilson
Business Administration
Milton-Freewater, Ore.