Tuition and Fee Appeals

Eastern Oregon University has established the tuition and fee appeals committee to review student requests for special consideration in the area of tuition refunds, or other special student account requests.  The committee is comprised of staff members from Student Accounts, and two other staff members from other divisions on campus.

Appeals may be submitted electronically through the form found below.

Tuition refund appeal instructions

Eastern Oregon University recognizes students may be confronted with unexpected and serious circumstances which require them to withdraw from their courses.   Students may submit an appeal for an exception to the tuition refund policy to request a reversal of their tuition charges. 

Examples of unexpected or serious circumstances include personal injury or illness; injury, illness, or death of an immediate family member.  Loss of residence; emotional or mental health issues; natural disaster or legal matters.

Appeals are not accepted for account disputes.  Any appeal requested due to an advising error must be accompanied by a statement of support from a university advisor.

The appeal must be complete and provide adequate details.  All appeals must be submitted to Student Financial Services within 60 days of the origination of the charge. 

If you are a financial aid recipient and your tuition appeal is approved, credit balances may be refunded to the appropriate financial aid program.  Furthermore, the return of aid funds may still result in a balance due on your account.

Appeal conditions

  • Appeals are not accepted after an account has been referred to an outside collection agency
  • Courses assigned with grades other than W or NP are not eligible for a tuition appeal. 
  • Course fees are not refundable.
  • If the appeal is approved, a credit or partial credit will be posted to the student account. 
  • A decision by the appeals committee is final.

Appeals Committee Review process

Appeals are only considered in the case of extraordinary circumstances.   The appeal will be considered based on 1) the seriousness and duration of your hardship 2) whether it was beyond your ability to control 4) whether you were able to drop courses by the standard deadline 3) prompt filing of the appeals form.