Summer Housing

Summer Housing


Summer housing is available for students taking summer courses. To be eligible for summer housing, students must be signed up for at least 3 credits during each session.

Alikut Hall

Summer session students and participants in special summer programs will be housed in Alikut Hall. Each furnished suite contains four single bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen furnished with major appliances. Suitemates will be responsible for their own cooking and cleaning; cleaning supplies will be provided. Food service in Hoke Union Building (HUB) may be available as an option depending upon camp and conference schedules. Summer students need to provide their own trashcans, towels, bedding (mattress size 36″ x 80″, extra long twin), kitchen utensils, telephone, television, fan and personal items. Please be aware that Alikut Hall is not air-conditioned and air conditioners may not be installed. Each room has wireless internet available for your convenience. If you have any problems connecting your phone or computer, please contact the IT Department at 962-3111.


Summer students will be charged per week during summer sessions. Charges will be applied to the student’s account on the first day of classes. Payments can be made at Student Accounts in Inlow Hall. A limited number of temporary guest housing rooms may be available for those who only need a few nights housing. Bedding is not provided.

$141.75 per week


$1500 for the entire summer

How to Apply

We do not offer online applications for the summer term. Download the application below and print, email, or fax the application to the Residence Life Office. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the application.

The summer housing application is available here:

Mail or turn in your application to:

Eastern Oregon University Residence Life Office

EOU Daugherty Hall 119

One University Boulevard

La Grande, OR  

Fax your application to 541-962-3842

Scan and email your completed application to:

Arrival Information

Students may move into the hall between 3:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on the day before the beginning of the school session in which they are enrolled. If special arrangements are required, please contact the Residence Life Office at (541) 962-3553. Report directly to Alikut Hall for check-in. Failure to move in without advance notice of a late arrival will result in an automatic cancellation of the reservation after the first day of class.

Important Information

Upon your arrival you will receive a suite key, a room key, a mailbox key and a security card key for the hall entrance.

Please keep your room locked as the university is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

There is a charge for each lost key.

Food Service

Mountie Café is open most of the summer providing dining services for conferences and youth camps. It is located on the second floor of the Hoke Union Building.

Behavior and Conduct

All students and guests are expected to abide by the rules of conduct as outlined in Eastern’s Student Conduct Policy, contained within the Eastern Student Handbook which may be found at Violators are subject to disciplinary action pursuant to the Student Conduct Policy.

For your safety and the safety of others, you must abide by the following rules and regulations:

• Do not bring animals into the residence halls.

• Fireworks and other explosives are not allowed in the building.

• The use, possession, or distribution of illegal drugs is prohibited anywhere on the university campus by Oregon state law.

• Only persons who are 21 years of age and older are permitted to consume alcohol. Any persons of age who are using alcohol must remain in a closed room, as open containers of alcohol (and drunkenness) are not permitted in public areas such as hallways, bathrooms, lounges, or campus grounds. The possession of beer in a keg is prohibited in the halls, parking areas, and lawns.

• Anyone found pulling a false alarm, tampering, damaging, or in any way using fire equipment or safety apparatus for other than its intended use, will be immediately dismissed from the residence hall. Fire drill participation is mandatory.

• Please be sensitive to quiet hours and visitation times that are clearly posted in each residence hall.

• EOU campus is tobacco free. Tobacco use of any type is prohibited on campus property, indoors as well as outdoors.

Students and guests who violate rules or whose conduct is unsatisfactory may be asked to leave the hall and/or the university forfeiting all payments and vacating the hall within 24 hours. Dismissal from the residence halls does not cancel the remaining financial obligation of the student.