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Wait-listing FAQ’s

What is a registration wait-list?

A registration wait-list is an electronic list of students who are waiting in line to register for a full course and will be notified via email if a seat becomes available. Once notified, a student will need to register within the 24 hour window they are given once placed on registration queue. If the student does not register by the deadline he/she will be dropped from the wait-list and the next student in line will be notified.

If I join a wait-list will I automatically be registered?

No. If a seat becomes available, you will receive an email notification instructing you of the 24 hour window to either register for the course listed or drop yourself from the wait-list. It is your responsibility to check your email on a regular basis in order to register yourself for the course you wait-listed for when it becomes open. Your advisor will not receive an email on your behalf. Wait-listing is not registration nor is it a guarantee for future registration. You should use priority registration to get courses you need and want. And attempt to register for open sections rather than wait-listing for closed sections, using wait-listing only to revise or optimize your schedule. A full-time student needs to register for a full course load, registration wait-listing not credit-bearing nor is it a guarantee for future registration. If a seat becomes available via wait-listing you can revise your schedule accordingly.

How do I join a wait-list?

You may choose to join a wait-list for a full(closed) section via Mountie Hub(Webster) on the ‘Register for Classes’ page. See the Wait-list tutorial for detailed instructions on how to wait-list.

I cannot web-register, can I join a wait-list?

Yes. However, you will need to fill a registration form and email it to add.drop@eou.edu or bring it to the registrar’s office, 105 Inlow hall. When you are notified of your 24 hour window to register you must contact the registrar’s office via email, phone (541-962-3607) or in person within that time period and we will register you for the course.

How do I know my position on the wait-list?

You will not know your exact position on the wait-list. Your placement on the wait-list and notification of available seats will be on a first-come, first-served basis. In Mountie Hub(Webster) under course information you can see how many places are available for wait-listing, and if the wait-list is full.

If I join a wait-list will I eventually be notified of an available seat?

Possibly, but there is no guarantee that wait-listing for a section will lead to registration.

How will I know if a seat becomes available when I am on a wait-list?

You will be notified by email (to your EOU email address) if a seat become available. So check your email regularly!

Do I need to meet registration requirements to join a wait-list?

Yes. You need to meet the same requirements to wait-list for a section as you would to register for that section. You will not be able to wait-list for a class if you have not met the pre-requisites or registration restrictions requirements. Please check with your advisor if you are presented with an error.

Is wait-listing available for all classes?

Wait-listing is available spring term for the list of classes on the registrar’s wait-listing website www.eou.edu/registrar/waitlisting.

When will wait-listing be available?

For each term wait-listing starts during pre-registration as soon as classes fill to capacity (closed/full). Wait-listing will end the Friday of 1st week at 5:00 pm (fall term Monday of the 2nd week at 5:00 pm).

Can I still have the dean and instructor sign for me to register for a course?

Not for any wait-listed courses during the wait-list period. If an undergraduate section is closed on a wait-list course, you have the option to join the wait-list. After the first week of courses, after the wait-listing period, registration will be permitted in accordance with catalog policy.

Why do I have to wait-list for a section that appears to have an open seat?

If a section is open (there are available seats) and there are students on the wait-list you can attempt to register, however, if the available seats are ‘locked down’ for the students on the wait-list you will be prompted with the option to join the wait-list.

Can I wait-list after registering for the max allowable credits?

Yes. You can wait-list for a section after having registered for the maximum allowable credits for a term. If notified of an available seat, you will have to drop a registered section before attempting to register for the wait-listed section if your credit total is above the allowable limit.

Can I wait-list for two sections of the same course?

Yes. You may wait-list for a section of a course in which you have already registered or selected to wait-list.

Can I register and wait-list for classes held at the same time?

Yes. You can be registered for, and wait-list for courses that have time conflicts. It is on you to be aware of this.

Can I join a wait-list if I have a hold that restricts registration?

No. Since wait-listing is a registration transaction a hold restricting registration will also restrict you from joining a wait-list.

I accidentally dropped myself from a wait-list or changed my mind after dropping, what can I do?

If the wait-list isn’t full, you can again join the wait-list. By dropping from the wait-list you have given-up your spot ‘in line’ and the next student in line has advanced.

As a senior, do I get priority once joining a wait-list?

No. Your placement on the wait-list and the notification of available seats will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

What happens if I was notified of an available seat but missed my deadline to register?

If you missed your deadline you were dropped from the wait-list and the next student on the wait-list was notified of the available seat. If you are still interested in registering for that section, and the wait-list isn’t full, you can again join the wait-list again.

What if I am notified of an available seat and I am no longer interested in registering?

You should drop yourself from the wait-list right away. You can drop yourself from the wait-list at any time.

How long will I have to register once I am notified of a spot available?

You will have until the deadline indicated on your email notification, which is 24 hours.

How many students on the wait-list are notified when a seat become available?

There is one notification per available seat and it is first-come, first-served. For example, if one seat becomes available the next student ‘in line’ on the wait-list will be notified. If three seats become available at once, then the next three students ‘in line’ are notified.

How do I know if I am still on a wait-list?

You will not be dropped from a wait-list unless you have been notified of an available seat and you do not take action by the deadline or the wait-listing period has ended. You can see the sections you are wait-listed for by looking on the Mountie Hub(Webster) ‘Register for Classes’ page. The status of these sections will be ‘Wait-listed’. The only time you are able to register for a wait-listed course is when you see Web Register in the drop-down ‘Action’ menu.

How do I register for a wait-listed section once notified of an available seat?

Go to Mountie Hub(Webster) ‘Student Registration’ page, find the wait-listed section and select Web Registered from the ‘Action’ drop down box and then click ‘Submit’. The status of the section will change to Web Registered once successfully registered. If you cannot self-register you will need to fill out an add/drop form from the registrar’s website.

Will I see my wait-listed sections on Canvas?

No. Only classes for which you are registered for will be available to you in Canvas.

Will I be billed for a wait-listed class?

No. A wait-listed class is not a registered class and has “0” credits associated with it. You are only billed for registered classes.