Agency Sponsored Learning (ASL)

Capsule Description

Students may receive credit for courses and training taken from non-degree granting organizations such as the military, corporations, labor unions, professional and voluntary associations, and government agencies. The subject area must be within a discipline offered at EOU, and the course/training must have taken place within required clock hours. You must provide documentation that learning took place.  Students pay $50 per credit hour for Agency Sponsored Learning other than military.   A maximum of 45 ASL credits can be used toward a degree at EOU.

Full Description of Agency Sponsored Learning:

Potentially, college credit can be obtained from formal educational programs that are:

  • Outside the sponsorship of higher education (An IMPORTANT consideration)
  • Non-degree granting
  • Sponsored by business and industry, labor unions, professional and voluntary organizations, and government agencies
  • Formal settings, not on-the-job training
  • At least 20-30 hours in length of time in class

To document ASL, provide the following:

1.  At least one of the following documents

  • Original completion certificate
  • Official transcript from the sponsoring agency
  • Original letter from the sponsoring agency

2. Full Description of the program if not listed on the EOU Agency Sponsored Learning List (Courses/training previously evaluated by EOU Faculty; list is available from Regional Advisors.)  This full description might include course syllabi, workbook, or other documentation of the course content.

Process for Obtaining ASL

  • You communicate request to your advisor.  Your advisor confirms “fit” between potential ASL credit and your degree plan needs.   Your advisor checks for prior evaluation by EOU faculty for this Agency Sponsored Learning.
  • You send documentation listed above to adviser.
  • Advisor submits request/documents to the Regional Operations Office.
    1. If program was not already on the EOU List of courses approved for ASL, the request & documentation will be sent to an EOU faculty in the appropriate discipline for evaluation.*
    2. Subsequent requests for the same training will receive the credit award as evaluated by this EOU faculty evaluation.  Be advised that when making a subsequent request, there must be identical course titles between the request and the a previously evaluated course.
    3. The evaluation is routed back to you via the adviser.
  • You are billed $50 per credit hour for ASL credits that are deemed acceptable to your degree plan.
  • The ASL credits are posted on your transcript after full payment is made.

*EOU Reviewers look for the following information when evaluating courses / workshops / training for ASL credit:

  • Verification that learning took place, i.e. a measurable standard that participants attain.
  • Sufficient clock hours spent in training, using an estimate of 20-30 clock hours=1 quarter hour of credit.
  • The legitimacy of the sponsoring organization, faculty, etc.
  • FIT of the subject matter into EOU’s curriculum.