Pierce Library Renaming

EOU Library Naming

“We must never be complacent in prioritizing the values of justice and equity in the work we do every day at EOU, and we must intentionally carry these values into every conversation we have in this community and every decision we make as leaders of the university. The name of the Library is one of those conversations that continues within, and outside of, the EOU community.

My commitment to you remains that I will listen, learn and be active in regular dialogues about how we can reverse the impacts of historical and societal biases and discrimination for any student, faculty or staff on our campus. I hear you that the name of the EOU Library is an issue that needs to be addressed.

An advisory committee of students, faculty and staff has been researching the history of the name and its alignment with our mission, values and principles, as well as its historical context. This committee will make a recommendation this fall on whether that name should remain, or if change is needed in order to uphold our commitment to a university environment that is safe, inclusive, and reflects our collective values.

As an academic institution, we endeavor to make decisions based on research and facts, and to follow a thorough process when making decisions that impact our campus environment so that a broad spectrum of voices and perspectives can be heard. This also ensures we can all learn and be engaged in those discussions and decisions. “

President Tom Insko, ’94