MBA Courses

All MBA students are required to accomplish 45-credit hours of graduate coursework.  Course descriptions can be found in the online Academic Catalog.

MBA Required Classes:

(Complete all 30 Course Credits)

  • BA 501 Managerial Communication – 3 credits – Fall term
  • BA 502 Organizational Management and Leadership – 3 credits – Fall term
  • BA 503 Marketing Strategies and Techniques – 3 credits – Fall term
  • BA 504 Managerial Finance – 3 credits – Winter term
  • BA 506 Global Business Intelligence – 3 credits – Winter term
  • BA 508 Sustainable Competitive Advantage – 3 credits – Spring term
  • BA 509 Managerial Economics – 3 credits – Spring term
  • BA 511 Operational Decision Making – 3 credits – Spring term
  • BA 512 Managing Workforce Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Practice 3 credits – Winter term
  • BA 699 MBA Capstone Simulations – 3 credits – Summer and Fall 2019

MBA Elective Classes*:
(Complete 15 Course Credits)**

  • BA 510 Special Topics (Contact advisor)  – 3 credits
  • BA 513 Strategic Human Resources Management – 3 credits
  • BA 521 Business and the Environment  – 3 credits
  • BA 522 Emotional Intelligence and Managerial Effectiveness – 3 credits
  • BA 523 Alternative Business Strategies – 3 credits
  • BA 524 Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity – 3 credits
  • BA 525 Strategic Agribusiness Management  – 3 credits
  • BA 526 Taxes and Business Strategy – 3 credits
  • BA 527 Advanced Accounting Theory – 3 credits

*For schedule of MBA Elective Classes check with your advisor or through your Mountie Hub Account.
**Students may take up to two Master’s in Healthcare Administration courses as electives upon approval by his or her advisor.

Prerequisite Knowledge

Applicants should hold a baccalaureate degree in business or related degree (Agribusiness, Finance, Accounting, Economics, etc.) from an accredited institution.   Applications without this are still encouraged to apply but will be asked to demonstrate competency in 13 core concept areas including management, marketing, finance, accounting and other core business principles.  Competency must be demonstrated prior to beginning the program and can be demonstrated through academic record, online preparatory courses, testing, or professional work experience and certifications.

Program Length

A student can choose how they want to distribute the courses but to complete the program in five terms, the student must take three (3) classes each term for five terms. Students can select any array of classes and could take up to 15 terms to complete the program if they only take one class each term. However, graduate students must be enrolled at least half-time (5 or more credits per term) to receive financial aid.

MBA Grading Policy

Any student who receives a grade lower than a B- in any MBA course will be placed on probation and must meet with the MBA Program Coordinator.  A second grade below a B- within the program will result in suspension from the program.  In order to be reinstated, the student must meet with the MBA Faculty Committee and re-take at least one of the courses.  Any grade below a C- is an unacceptable grade and the course must be repeated for a grade of B- or higher.  In addition, students must have a minimum 3.00 grade point average in the program in order to graduate.

Eastern Oregon University has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), located in Lenexa, Kansas.

IACBE Accredited