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We offer a bachelor’s degree and three minors: Mathematics, Statistical Mathematics and Mathematical Studies when you pair it with a second minor!

Math charts on Zoom

Oregon’s rural university hosts math conference

Undergraduates bonded over a shared interest in mathematics at the annual PiMUC event, held virtually this month.

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Complete all Institutional Graduation Requirements (Including University Writing Requirement, Diversity Requirement, General Education Requirement, etc.) as provided at http://www.eou.edu/registrar.
Program Requirements: Mathematics major is a 72 (for BS) or 60 (for BA) graded credit hour degree. A grade of “C-” or better is required for each course counting towards the major, but a cumulative grade of C [2.00] is required for completion of the major.



Complete 24 or 28 credit hours from the following:

Course # Title [and course information] Credit(s) Prerequisites(s)
CS 161 Foundations of CS I 4
CS 162 Foundations of CS II 4 MATH 111, CS 161
CS 162 is required for BS, but not for BA
STAT 243 Elementary Statistics[SMI] 4 MATH 095 or MATH 098
Online students complete STAT 243A/243B in lieu of STAT 243
MATH 251 Calculus I [SMI] 4 MATH 112
Online students complete MATH 251A/251B in lieu of MATH 251
MATH 252 Calculus II [SMI] 4 MATH 251
MATH 253 Calculus III [SMI] 4 MATH 252
MATH 254 Calculus IV [SMI] 4 MATH 253


Course # Title [and course information] Credit(s) Prerequisite(s)
MATH 311 Advanced Calculus 4 MATH 382
MATH 341 Linear Algebra 4 MATH 252
MATH 344 Modern Algebra I 4 MATH 382
MATH 382 Structures of Abstract Math [UWR] 4 MATH 341
MATH 407 Capstone Seminar [UWR] 4


Choose one of the following courses:

MATH 412 Real Analysis 4 MATH 311
MATH 445 Modern Algebra II 4 MATH 344



Complete 20 credit hours of upper division mathematics courses for a BS degree OR 12 credit hours of upper division mathematics courses for a BA degree.

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Awesome Math Opportunities at EOU (High Impact Practices)!

Eastern Oregon University is a great place to get a Bachelor’s degree or minor in Mathematics.  We have passionate faculty with diverse backgrounds and skill sets to help students achieve their goals.  Students get to know their professors in small, personal classes, as well as gain access to a variety of opportunities for help.  Perhaps the best part of our program is that there are numerous opportunities for enrichment and resume-building outside of the conventional classroom.  Students can…

Do Mathematics Research

All math majors get the opportunity, and in fact are required, to do individualized research as part of their senior math capstone.  However, the faculty recommends that students get a start on research earlier in their EOU math career.

Check out our Student Successes to see other student’s research by scrolling down!

Publish Their Research

In addition to conventional undergraduate publications, EOU students can publish their research in the Eastern Oregon Science Journal – it’s a great way to learn about mathematical publishing conventions.  There’s no better way to learn than by doing!

Present Their Research

The Eastern Oregon University Spring Symposium is a special opportunity for EOU students to present their research to their fellow students, professors, and community members.  Presentations can be in a conventional audience setting, as a poster presentation, or as part of a panel presentation.

Students have an opportunity to travel across the region and present their research to their student peers.  Typically, the regional conference we attend is either the annual Northwest Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium (NUMS) sponsored by the Pacific Northwest section of the Mathematics Association of America (MAA) or the annual Pacific Inland Mathematics Undergraduate Conference (PiMUC).

Faculty Point of Contact: Dr. Amy Yielding ( ayielding@eou.edu )

Do Mathematics Competitions

EOU COMAP Competition: Teams of 3 students compete against thousands of universities across the world in this 90-hour international mathematics modeling competition.

Faculty Point of Contact: Dr. Anthony Tovar ( atovar@eou.edu )


EOU Math Competition:  The E.O.U. math competition is a two-hour contest held Winter Term. It is open to any enrolled E.O.U. student, though it is primarily intended for those students taking calculus or higher-level math. All questions should be understandable by anyone who has had the yearlong calculus sequence. Solutions to the problems will usually require creative uses of mathematics rather than deep knowledge or intensive computation.

Faculty Point of Contact: Dr. Steve Tanner ( stanner@eou.edu )


Kryptos Challenge: The Kryptos Challenge is a cryptology competition centered around the breaking, or cryptanalysis, of ciphers (secret writing). Each challenge presents contestants with a brief scenario together with some ciphertext (encoded message). The goal is to discover the original English plaintext message!  The competition is hosted by Central Washington University.

Faculty Point of Contact: Dr. Steve Tanner ( stanner@eou.edu )


Virginia Tech Math Competition: The Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Contest is sponsored each fall by the Mathematics Department at Virginia Tech. More than 200 colleges and universities throughout VA, DC, GA, IL, MD, NJ, NY, OH, NC, PA, SC, TN, WV and other states are invited to participate each year.

Faculty Point of Contact: Dr. Steve Tanner ( stanner@eou.edu )


These competitions are available each year, but participation is sometimes limited by student interest.

Join a Community of Scholars

The purpose of the Irrationals Math Club is to provide opportunities for math enthusiasts to meet and explore their common interests. The Math Club is a primarily student run club, and it facilitates both fun and helpful math-related activities throughout the year, including social events, game nights, and study sessions.

Point of Contact: Dr. Amy Yielding ( ayielding@eou.edu )


Get Real Mathematics Experience and Make Some Cash

Tutoring: While a great way to learn something is by doing it, a better way is to teach it.  Contact the Learning Center if you would like to share your passion for Math with others as part of the Math Lab.


Grading: The Mathematics department has a significant service mission, so there are opportunities for students to become paid graders.  Contact the Math professor teaching the class you’d like to grade for.

Study Session Leading: Leading Study Sessions for math classes is a great way to get teaching experience as an undergraduate!  Again, contact the Learning Center for more information.


Cash without the Experience: There is an assortment of scholarships available.  Some of the local ones, like the ASTEO scholarship, the Math Education scholarship, the Ralph and Ester Badgley Memorial scholarship, … are specifically for math and science students.

Do Outreach

EOU High School Competition: Students have opportunities to do outreach by helping EOU host hundreds of regional school students in our annual high school math competition.

Faculty Point of Contact: Dr. Steve Tanner ( stanner@eou.edu )

Lego Robotics Competition: EOU hosts the local chapter of this national competition.

Faculty Point of Contact: Dr. Steve Tanner ( stanner@eou.edu )

Girls in Science: Girls in Science is an all day camp where girls in grades 6-8 solve a themed mystery using computer chemistry, biology, computer technology, and other sciences.

Faculty Point of Contact: Dr. Amy Yielding ( ayielding@eou.edu )


Do some homework, meet a friend, or just hang out at the Math Study Lounge in Loso Hall, room 223.

Get Started on your next Adventure

Student Career Services Center: Students can get help with the resume/cover letter/job interview process.

Check out our Student Successes – This could be you!

Spring 2018 – Senior Research  – “Costly Colours Card Game Analysis” – Madisen Garlie

Spring 2018 – Senior Research – “Packing Circles” – Joel Jacobs

Spring 2018 – Senior Research – “Flood Insurance Rates vs Climate Change” – Zach Lacey

Spring 2017 – Senior Research – “A Brief Mathematical Analysis of the Game of Nim” – Stephanie Simpson

Spring 2017 – Senior Research – “The Elo Chess Rating System and its Application to Sports” – Sydney Nelson

Spring 2017 – Senior Research – “Cryptography: Types of Ciphers and Public-Key Cryptography” – Mico Murphy

Spring 2017 – Senior Research – “Nash Equilibrium in Two-Player Finite Games” – Michael Luttrell

Spring 2017 – Senior Research – “Markov Chains” – Brittney Hall

Spring 2017 – Senior Research – “Stirling’s Approximation” – Ryan Blanchard

Spring 2017 – Senior Research – “Euler’s Formula and its Various Applications” – Amanda Warren

Spring 2017 – Senior Research – “X-11 Methods for Seasonal Adjustment” – Andrew Wilson

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EOU Mathematics Faculty
and instructors for related topics:

Nicomedes Alonso
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Loso Hall 225
(541) 962-3632
Email: nalonso@eou.edu

Bryan Fisher
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Loso Hall 237
(541) 962-3320
Email: bfisher@eou.edu

Kaz Marlette
Instructor, Mathematics
Loso Hall 228
(541) 962-3391
Email: kmarlett@eou.edu

Douglas R. Olson
Instructor, Mathematics
Loso Hall 229
(541) 962-3079
Email: drolson@eou.edu

Patty Sandoz
Instructor, Mathematics
Loso Hall 227
(541) 962-3408
Email: psandoz@eou.edu

Steve Tanner
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Loso Hall 238
(541) 962-3631
Email: stanner@eou.edu

Anthony Tovar
Associate Professor, Mathematics & Physics
Badgley Hall 107C
(541) 962-3310
Email: atovar@eou.edu

Kyle Winkelmaier
Instructor, Mathematics
Loso Hall 213
(541) 962-3797
Email: kwinkelmaier@eou.edu

Amy Yielding
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Loso Hall 224
(541) 962-3314
Email: ayielding@eou.edu

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“The math department at Eastern is amazing. Faculty are so willing to work with students to help them succeed. With the help and encouragement from my professors and fellow students, I made it!”

McKenzie Garlock
Clatskanie, Ore.

Student Activities

The math department and its students have lots of fun outside of class. Hang out with The Irrationals, our student club, or volunteer to help with the Lego Competition, or get real serious and compete in EOU's Math Competition.

Watch:Spring 2021 Quarterly Speaker: EOU Alumni from the Applied Mathematics Department of Boeing

This speaker participatedin our Annual Summer Research Group. Interested students should contact Dr Amy Yielding.
, Student Life

Career Opportunities

The American Mathematical Society keeps a page of information about careers available to those with a mathematics degree.

Last year Most of EOU Math graduates from 2020 found a math related job or moved on to graduate school. 75% of our 2021 graduating seniors have already found Math related employment or have been accepted into a graduate program!


EOU makes it easy to get a high quality academic experience for less! Check out a couple of scholarships that can assist in your path to a degree.

ASTEO Scholarship Math Education
Scholarship Award

More scholarships and financial aid information