L.E.A.P. Assessments and Equipment

L.E.A.P. Assessments and Equipment

If you are interested in testing services, please see the descriptions below and email us at humanperformancelab@eou.edu to schedule.

Sweat Testing:

A gentle electrical current is run through pilocarpine discs which stimulate a small area (about the size of a quarter) of sweat glands on the subject’s forearm.  Sweat from the stimulated area is collected in a patch that is strapped lightly to the subject’s arm. Some subjects may develop temporary slight irritation at the sight of sweat collection, and a slight ‘tingling’ feeling during sweat collection. Single use Gx sweat patches can be used to optimize during exercise hydration strategy.

Heart Rate Variability:

Real-time heart rate variability is a tool used to measure parasympathetic and sympathetic control at rest and is used as a biofeedback to train and monitor mindfulness, relaxation, and breath control. The test conducts off clipping an earpiece to the subject’s earlobe that monitors heart rate variability.

Hematologic Assessments:

We use point of care blood glucose analyzers to measure fasted blood glucose as well as blood glucose changes over time in response to food intake to provide subject’s insight into aspects of their metabolic health as well as individual response to particular foods. Point of care fasting blood glucose evaluation includes a small finger prick with a micro lancet and the collection of 2-3 drops of blood onto a glucose ‘strip’, which is analyzed with a blood glucose monitor. A similar process will be used for blood A1c levels which is marker of long-term blood glucose levels, as well as for other hematological markers including blood lipids (cholesterol) and hemoglobin and hematocrit (blood markers of oxygen carrying capacity often used for tracking endurance raining adaptations).

Activity and Movement Tracking:

Wearable sensors can measure sprint speed, distance traveled, jump height, and jump number for sports performance. For daily activity we use the activPAL. This is a miniature electronic logger designed to quantify free-living daily activities. The activPAL unit is taped to the subject’s leg and worn for 3-7 days to provide an accurate measure of movement, including time seated, exercise time, and time lying prone.

Strength Evaluation

The deadlift, bench press, and back-squat can be used to assess strength and power gains in response to a training program. You will choose a weight that you are comfortable lifting, and then completes as many repetitions as you can until ‘failure’. Lab staff will be on hand and use all proper spotting techniques to maximize the safety of the subject. Rotational force is assess with a med ball containing an accelerometer.

Hydration Assessment:

We conduct hydration status through testing urine specific gravity using the Atago Urinalysis Pen. Subject urinates ~100ml of urine into a urine collection cup. The Atago pen is dipped into the urine and provides urine specific gravity. This is a safe, non-invasive way to measure hydration status with no risk to subjects.

Vertical Jump and Jump Endurance:

To measure the vertical height of a single jump as well as the ability to jump repeated times we use the Just Jump jump pad. For max vertical jump the subject stands on the jump pad and performs a single vertical jump as high as they can while keeping their legs straight. Importantly, legs can be bent to absorb the impact upon landing. For the jump endurance test the subject jumps up and down as quickly as possible 30 times.

Body Composition and Weight:

Body composition is measured using bioelectrical impedance. You place your hands on two electrode and a low level imperceptible electrical current is sent through the body. The speed of transmission is used in an algorithm to calculate percent lean and fat mass (the current runs slower through fat mass compared to lean mass). Weight is collected using a Health-o-meter body weight scale.

Blood Pressure:

Blood pressure can be measured under resting conditions using an automated blood pressure cuff.