The Lab for Exercise Assessment and Performance

The Lab for Exercise Assessment and Performance

Welcome to the L.E.A.P!

The Lab for Exercise Assessment and Performance (LEAP) is a space dedicated to teaching, researching, and testing human exercise physiology. We utilize a combination of standard physiology equipment and state of the art field-testing technologies to teach and better understand exercise demands and human performance across a variety of conditions.

L.E.A.P Equipment

We utilize both standard and novel exercise physiology equipment to provide students with hands on experiential learning through courses & research.

Performance Testing

The L.E.A.P. offers a variety of exercise and performance assessments for EOU students, athletes, employees, and community members.

The L.E.A.P. in Action

The Lab for Exercise Assessment and Performance is maintained by the faculty and students of the Health and Human Performance Program at EOU.


Choosing the exercise science concentration as my route to physical therapy school was one of my best academic decisions. Not only was I prepared to be accepted to a Doctor of Physical Therapy program, but I also developed a strong passion for exercise and nutrition. My favorite part of the Physical Activity & Health program is the practicality of the content. I can use the knowledge I gained from these classes in my everyday life.”

Cassie Wendt, '15
Physical Activity & Health

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Dr. Kyle Pfaffenbach

Dr. Kyle Pfaffenbach

HHP Faculty
Location: Zabel Hall 104