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The Integrative Studies Major

Integrative learning is an understanding and a disposition built through engaging with multiple disciplines, the co-curriculum, personal and work experience, and the community. Integrative learning occurs as students pose and answer authentic questions and approach problems that cut across disciplinary boundaries, call for diverse methods and types of evidence, and communicate conclusions to various audiences employing appropriate media.

Integrative learning develops intellectual curiosity, intercultural knowledge, and ethical responsibility, and emphasizes the interdependence of disciplines while creating habits of mind that prepare students to make reasoned judgments in response to complex problems in their personal, professional, and civic lives.

Based on this understanding of integrative learning, the IntegrativeĀ  StudiesĀ  Major at EOU isĀ  designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Inspire intellectual curiosity and intentional purpose
  • Explore multidisciplinary connections cogently
  • Establish co-curricular and applied connections
  • Cultivate intercultural knowledge
  • Encourage purposeful civic engagement
  • Examine ethical responsibilities
  • Engage in active and critical self-reflection