Affiliated Faculty


Rory Becker

teaches Anthropology in the combined Anthropology/Sociology program. With degrees in anthropology from Montana State University, Western Michigan University, and the University of Wyoming, Dr. Becker has been teaching anthropology since 2005 in both seated and distance education formats. He also has eight years’ experience working in the Cultural Resource Management industry (applied anthropology) for universities, private companies, state agencies, and federal agencies. Rory’s research interests currently focus on the use of remote sensing techniques in archaeology and historic archaeology sites, especially those dating to the fur trade and/or contact period.


James Benton

teaches composition, argumentation, literature, and creative writing.  With a diverse professional background ranging from service in the U.S. Navy, to bill collector, to private investigator, and numerous detours in between, defining his interests is a bit like nailing a blob of mercury to the wall. Any question or additional information needed in regards to the IS 301 – IS 401 capstone series can be directed to James via


Donna Evans

is an Associate Professor of English/Writing and directs the Writing Center and Writing Across the Curriculum. Her interest in integrating knowledge across a range of disciplines led her as an undergraduate to EOU’s Liberal Studies degree, now Integrative Studies, and continues in her research. She teaches writing, plays tenor sax in community ensembles, and explores rhetorics of space and place, rural studies, political economy, and writing program administration.


Laura Gow

Dr. Gow-Hogge is responsible for the curriculum development and course delivery of the Agribusiness and Food Systems concentration. Laura’s focus area is commodity and niche marketing and farm business management. Laura’s PhD dissertation focused of the impacts of regulations on corporate hog farming. She has also looked at rural health care issues and the impacts of tax rates. Recent research projects have included feasibility analysis and marketing and business plans for various tribes in Oregon as well as conducting an educational needs assessment for the Eastern Oregon Higher Education Center in Hermiston. Current research interests include student preferences, experiences, and access to technology.


Sarah Ralston

has a master’s degree in Library and Information Studies and teaches Information Literacy and online research courses. She also teaches in the First Year Experience program, and the online travel-based course: Global Perspectives. Sarah’s BA in French and the interdisciplinary nature of librarianship underpin her interest in Integrative Learning.


Aaron Thornburg

is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology in Eastern Oregon University’s combined Anthropology/Sociology program. His primary academic interests revolve around digital storytelling and its potential use in teaching, research, and public policy formation. As a result, Aaron has interests in the fields of Cultural Anthropology, Education, European Studies, Linguistics, Media Studies, Public Policy Studies, and Rural/Urban Studies.


John Thurber 

is a Professor of Mathematics, joining the EOU faculty in 1994.  His research interests include recursive model theory, number theory, and open source computational software.  He has directed many capstone projects in Mathematics, covering a wide array of student interests, from topics in pure mathematics to applications of mathematical modeling.