Faculty Advisory Council



James Benton

teaches composition, argumentation, literature, and creative writing.  With a diverse professional background ranging from service in the U.S. Navy, to bill collector, to private investigator, and numerous detours in between, defining his interests is a bit like nailing a blob of mercury to the wall. Any question or additional information needed in regards to the IS 301 – IS 401 capstone series can be directed to James via jbenton@eou.edu.


Donna Evans

is an Associate Professor of English/Writing and directs the Writing Center and Writing Across the Curriculum. Her interest in integrating knowledge across a range of disciplines led her as an undergraduate to EOU’s Liberal Studies degree, now Integrative Studies, and continues in her research. She teaches writing, plays tenor sax in community ensembles, and explores rhetorics of space and place, rural studies, political economy, and writing program administration.


Sarah Ralston

has a master’s degree in Library and Information Studies and teaches Information Literacy and online research courses. She also teaches in the First Year Experience program, and the online travel-based course: Global Perspectives. Sarah’s BA in French and the interdisciplinary nature of librarianship underpin her interest in Integrative Learning.