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Integrative Studies

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Combine two minors and design a degree that fits your career goals. Not sure which two? Work with an EOU advisor to build a customized study plan. This create-your-own degree adjusts to your interests and needs with flexible options to make the most of transfer credits and on-the-job experience. Integrative Studies equips graduates with problem-solving and critical-thinking skills for the future.

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Online programs earn national distinction

Integrative Studies offers a fully personalized online degree in the liberal arts.

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Two EOU Minors

Select at least two minors from EOU to create a customized degree program. Browse minors now.

Transfer Minor + EOU Minor

Transferring from another institution? Combine your existing minor with one from EOU for a unique degree. Browse minors now.

Individualized Plan (ISIP) + EOU Minor

Study what you need to move you toward your unique goals. Work with your advisor to create an Individualized Plan and pair it with an EOU minor. Browse minors now.

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Is this degree right for me? The Integrative Studies degree program allows students to earn a bachelor’s degree while exploring complex topics through the academic lens of two or more fields of study and with appropriate inclusion of extracurricular experiences and activities.  Integrative Studies provides a framework for students to meet the following University Learning […]

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Integrative Studies Capstone (IS 401)

Course Description 

IS 401 – Integrative Studies Capstone (Credits 3)

Institutional Graduation Requirement – UWR This is the culminating course for the Integrative Studies program. This course applies the principles of integrative learning to complex questions through an exploration of theories and methods from two or more fields of study, and documents the student’s learning. Prerequisites: IS 301; one of the following: LIB 307, LIB 327, or disciplinary methods/research course; cannot enroll concurrently with IS 301. Must have at least junior standing. (The two-credit option is restricted to former Liberal Studies majors needing to complete the program on a prior catalog year).

IS 401 Syllabus

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Deborah Bone EOU integrative Studies major

“Eastern Oregon University’s online program has enabled me to accomplish my dream of completing my Bachelor of Science degree. I did so while flying for a bush pilot outfit in Emmonak, Alaska. My education has been so important that I am expanding my dream and continuing on with the low residency graduate MFA degree program at EOU, possibly from a beach in Mexico. EOU’s distance education works.”

Deborah Bone
Integrative Studies
Battle Ground, Wash.

Transferring? EOU is flexible

Combine a minor from a previous institution with one of ours and receive a degree that shows off your range and can catalyze your career.

Program Outcomes

  • Military careers
  • Non-profit work
  • Entrepreneurial pursuits
  • Entry-level careers
  • Career advancement
  • Graduate school

On Campus

Attend on campus in La Grande, Oregon.  Small classes with one-on-one support from both faculty, advisors and student services like TRiO create a student centered atmosphere. Our small cohort sizes are designed to foster a strong sense of community between students, faculty, and staff.  Exceptional residential hallsstudent clubs and activities and events such as the Outdoor Adventure Program complete the Mountaineer experience.

Living on Campus Outdoor Adventure Program

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EOU Online

Get your degree 100% Online

Our 100% online option allows for the flexibility of online learning with our personalized academic support.

  • Part-time or full-time study gives you the flexibility to work with your schedule
  • Low cost per credit. Low student fees, too!

EOU Online Advisors

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Integrative learning is an understanding and a disposition built through engaging with multiple disciplines, the co-curriculum, personal and work experience, and the community. Integrative learning occurs as students pose and answer authentic questions and approach problems that cut across disciplinary boundaries, call for diverse methods and types of evidence, and communicate conclusions to various audiences employing appropriate media.

Integrative learning develops intellectual curiosity, intercultural knowledge, and ethical responsibility, and emphasizes the interdependence of disciplines while creating habits of mind that prepare students to make reasoned judgments in response to complex problems in their personal, professional, and civic lives.


Dr. Kevin Jardaneh
Integrative Studies Instructor
​Eastern Oregon University
One University Blvd.
La Grande, OR 97850
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