Three Paths to Choose

Two EOU Minors

This option will consist of picking two minors from any discipline offered at EOU as well as completing the 3 part capstone. These must be selected from separate program fields. Browse minors now.

Transfer Minor + EOU Minor

This choice will consist of picking one minor from any discipline offered at EOU, picking another minor from any other discipline offered at another regionally accredited university, as well as completing the 3 part capstone. To verify the minor is complete the Register’s Office will need a curriculum check sheet of the minor from the other institution, a letter from the institutions Registrar’s office stating minor is completed, and an official transcript from the other Institution/s where course work is located for verification. Browse minors now.

Individualized Plan (ISIP) + EOU Minor

This major combines one EOU academic minor and a subject area of selected courses from other disciplines to form a coherent plan of study that is comparable to a minor, as well as completing the 3 part capstone. This plan is approved only after the submission of a proposal and course outline, which must be approved by the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Science Dean. At a minimum the student will need these requirements to have the dean look at their proposal.

  • Proposal containing: 250- word rationale, indicating the connections among the courses and linking them to professional interests or career goals, and to co-curricular or extracurricular interests.
  • A course outline containing at least 30 credits overall, 15 credits of upper division, 10 credits of residency, and a course outline. Browse minors now.