Exercise Science

The Exercise Science Concentration is a science based program that prepares students for a wide variety of health professions. With the appropriate pre-requisites, students with an Exercise Science Degree can enter graduate programs for health professions such as (but not limited to) Dietetics, Physical Therapy, and Physician Assistant. Graduates in Exercise Science are also immediately eligible for certifications in strength and conditioning, personal training, and other health related careers. This is a highly applicable degree in the rapidly growing field of health sciences.


BIO 231-3 Human Anatomy & Physiology I-III
PES 131 Foundations of Physical Activity & Health
HWS 350 Behavior Change Theory
PES 270 History, Philosophy & Ethics of Sport
EXS 312 Measurement & Evaluation in Physical Activity & Health
EXS 323 Physiology of Exercise I
PES 495 Capstone Seminar
PES 496 Capstone Course

Exercise Science Concentration

EXS 321 Applied Anatomy
EXS 322 Biomechanics
EXS 451 Physiology of Exercise II
EXS 452 Physical Activity in Disease Prevention
EXS 453 Motor Learning & Control
HWS 325 Nutrition & Sport Performance

(pick 7 credits of the following)

EXS 311 Sport Psychology
HWS 351 Lifestyle Behavior and Health
PES 355 Introduction to Community Health
PES 359 Prevention & Care of Injury in Physical Activity Settings
STAT 327 Statistics (choose from approved courses)