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McKenzie Theater

McKenzie Theater

Located in Loso Hall, the McKenzie Theater seats up to 435 persons.  Your play, dance recital, keynote speaker, will shine in the McKenzie!  A skilled theater technician is available for assistance and consultation. You will receive our thoughtful and individual attention planning your special event in the McKenzie Theater!

For inquiries please contact the office of Event and Conference Services.

McKenzie theater is operated by our theater and music programs. Please click here to check out the upcoming theater program  productions. Ticket information is available here.  All McKenzie events require a completed Technician Checklist. Please submit to schedule@eou.edu no later than 1 month prior to your event. All checklists returned with less than one month before the event may not receive all requested options.

Event & Conference Services (541) 962-3575 | E-mail: schedule@eou.edu