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Gilbert Event Center

Gilbert Event Center

The David E. Gilbert Event Center provides North Eastern Oregon an amazing and unique location, perfect for Weddings, Receptions, Conferences, Proms, Holiday Parties, and other special events!

The Gilbert Center also provides a comfortable space for workshops and conferences. Afterwards, change the Gilbert Center over for a happy hour or dinner party and add our cocktail tables. The beautiful Stenard Garden may also be booked with the Gilbert Center. This location is great outside reception area!

During your event, our on-site catering company can offer you an excellent and memorable dining experience complete with beer and wine options. The Gilbert Center is also equipped with a state of the art sound system that includes different audio/visual options as well as a wireless microphone.

Gilbert Event Center Rates

Non-Profit Rates

1-4 Hour rental- $350

4-8 Hour rental- $585

Private Rates

1-4 Hour rental- $430

4-8 Hour rental- $720

All events require student staffing at $12/hour

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