Equity at EOU

Equity at EOU

Eastern Oregon University is addressing equity with intention.

We are collaborating across the institution to identify and eliminate systemic barriers to increase opportunities and access for those who have been historically and are currently marginalized. The impact of these changes is measured by increased success rates for marginalized student populations including those defined by race/ethnicity, gender, gender identity, first generation status, socioeconomic status, geography (rural), and persons with disabilities. The changes in our policies, procedures, systems and culture benefit us all in both tangible and intangible ways. All students will benefit from increased access to services that meet their needs and an environment that values and respects every person. 

Basic terms & definitions that ground our framework


All the ways in which people differ. This encompasses all the different characteristics that make one individual or group different from another. 


Identifying and eliminating systemic barriers (policies, practices, etc.) to increase opportunities and access to those who have been historically and are currently marginalized.


Authentically bringing traditionally excluded individuals and/or groups into processes, activities, and decision/policy making in a way that shares power.

2023-2024 Equity-focused Professional Development at EOU

EOU offers an annual calendar of Equity-focused Professional Development for our employees. This includes 21 Day Challenges, Common Book Reads, and topical presentations and discussions. To add the Equity PD events to your calendar, use this link.

Moon Shot for Equity

One of the tools that EOU is utilizing to address this challenge is Moon Shot for Equity, a framework of actionable Best Practices developed by EAB. This framework is focused on four areas that are critical to equitable outcomes for all students.

  • Leadership and Campus Climate
  • Access and Enrollment
  • Academic Policy and Practices
  • Student Support and Belongingness

Over a five year period (2022-2027), EOU will review systems that commonly present barriers for our students, scale up systems that work, and evaluate progress over time. Moon Shot for Equity addresses student success through an equity lens and coordinates initiatives and grants across the institution to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. This work extends to our whole community, whether online or on campus.

EOU collaborates with our regional partners, Treasure Valley Community College in Ontario and Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton. Together, we are part of a regional ecosystem closing equity gaps and increasing access to higher education in eastern Oregon.

For more information about Moon Shot for Equity, contact Julie Keniry.

Campus Climate Survey

Throughout the month of April, EOU is offering a Campus Climate Survey to all employees and students. The survey provides us with valuable insight about the experience of our community members in relation to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The results will be used to develop programs and strategies that support improvement and to evaluate our progress toward being a place where people of all backgrounds and identities feel a sense of belonging and where diversity is embraced.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why is EOU doing a Diversity and Equity survey? 
      • EOU is committed to being a place where people of all backgrounds and identities feel a  sense of belonging, where diversity is celebrated and embraced, and where everyone  takes responsibility for upholding the dignity of all members of the Mountaineer  community and beyond. To successfully achieve these goals, we require the feedback of  all members of our community. This survey allows us to understand what is working and  what needs to be improved. 
    2. How do we use the data? 
      • EOU will use this survey data to better understand the experience of our students and  employees so that we can both develop programs and initiatives that will support  improvement and evaluate our success over time. 
    3. Who can participate in the survey? 
      • The survey is open to all current EOU students and employees. This includes our online  community. It does not include campus partners who work for other organizations on  our campus.
    4. Will anyone at EOU be able to identify my responses? 
      • No names or other identifying information will be included in the raw data received by  EOU. All names, even from open-ended responses, are removed from the data set prior  to being released to the university. Raw data is made available to a limited number of  staff essential for data analysis and no findings based on a group smaller than five  people will be reported publicly. 
    5.  How is my anonymity protected if I enter to receive an incentive? 
      • At the end of the survey, respondents can opt-in to enter a drawing for incentives. If you  opt-in, your name will be included on a list that is provided to an EOU employee for the  drawing, however, it will not be connected to your responses. Respondents who do not  opt-in will remain completely anonymous.
    6. What’s the difference between Campus Climate and Campus Culture?
      • Campus Culture is the common or underlying shared beliefs, values, norms of behavior,  traditions, perspectives, etc of the institution. Campus Climate is described as how  members experience or feel the campus atmosphere, including its culture, at any given  moment. Think of climate as the mood of the institution, whereas culture is the  personality of the institution.
    7. Is this survey different from the Great Colleges to Work For survey? 
      • Yes. The Diversity and Equity Campus Climate survey provides insight from all members  of the university community, both employees and students, with an in-depth focus on  campus climate and individual experiences in relation to diversity and equity. The Great  Colleges survey is only for employees and surveys a broader range of issues related to  the employee experience. 
    8. How long will it take and do I have to complete the survey all at once? 
      • It is expected to take approximately 15 minutes to complete the survey. We recommend  that you complete the survey in one sitting, however, if you must exit the survey, your  responses on the previous pages should be saved for when you return. Your responses  to questions on the page you were on when you left the survey may or may not be saved.
    9. Does it really matter if I participate? 
      • Yes. Your experience matters. We want to hear from every student and employee,  faculty, staff or administration, on-campus or online, remote or in-person. The more  perspectives we hear from, the better we can evaluate and respond to the needs of our  whole community.

Questions? Contact us!

Julie Keniry
Strategic Initiatives Project Director
Moon Shot for Equity
Email: jkeniry@eou.edu
Phone: (541) 962-3421

Bennie Moses-Mesubed
Associate Vice President of DEIB
Email: bmoses@eou.edu
Phone: (541) 962-3406

Can Title IX help with equity issues? Yes. Visit the Title IX website at http://www.eou.edu/titleix.