Health and Human Performance

EXS 213 Qualitative Anal of Human Movement

EXS 311 Sport Psychology

EXS 312 Measurement/Eval Physical Activity/Hlth

EXS 321 Applied Anatomy

EXS 321L Applied Anatomy Lab

EXS 322 Biomechanics

EXS 322L Biomechanics Lab

EXS 323 Physiology of Exercise

EXS 323L Physiology of Exercise Lab

EXS 333 Environmental Exercise Physiology

EXS 440 Motor Development

EXS 444 Adapted Physical Activity

EXS 451 Physiology of Exercise II

EXS 452 Physical Activity in Disease Prevention

EXS 453 Motor Learning and Control

EXS 544 Advanced Studies Adapted PE


HWS 198 Outdoor Act/ Lifetime Wellness

HWS 225 General Nutrition Credits

HWS 250 Personal Skills for Healthy Living

HWS 252 First Aid & Safety

HWS 298 Health/Fitness for Life

HWS 314 Health & Humanities

HWS 317 Global Health

HWS 320 Healthy Activity and Games for Youth

HWS 325 Nutrition and Sport Performance

HWS 334 Female Develp in Adolesc

HWS 335 Male Develp in Adolesc

HWS 350 Behavior Change Theory

HWS 351 Intro to Community Health

HWS 352 Cultural Competence in Health Education and Health Promotion

HWS 412 Program Planning

HWS 413 Health Promotion Program Evaluation

HWS 422 Gerontology and Healthy Activities

HWS 423 Aging & Society

HWS 431 Alcohol & Drugs: Prevention

HWS 432 Substance Abuse & Family Relations

HWS 433 Alcohol & Drugs: Use Misuse/Addictn

HWS 510 Selected Topics

HWS 522 Health Promotion in Schools

HWS 523 Adolescent Health


OUT 180 Activity Courses

OUT 180A Beginning Archery

OUT 180B Intermediate Archery

OUT 180C Basic Horsemanship

OUT 180D Intermediate Horsemanship

OUT 180E Intro to Backpacking

OUT 180F Fly Fishing Fundamentals

OUT 180G Stand UP Paddleboarding

OUT 180H Hiking

OUT 180I Indoor Rock Climbing

OUT 180J Basic Mountaineering

OUT 180K Beginning Kayaking

OUT 180L Intro to Rock Climbing

OUT 180M Intermediate Rock Climbing

OUT 180N / PES 180S Beginning Skiing

OUT 180P Advanced Skiing

OUT 180Q Beginning Snowboarding

OUT 180R Advanced Snowboarding

OUT 180S Ski/Snowboard Instructor Training

OUT 180T Winter Camping/Backcountry Travel

OUT 180U Whitewater Rafting

OUT 180V Mountain Biking

OUT 180W Basic Yoga

OUT 180X Level 1 Yoga

OUT 201 Intro to Outdoor Recreation Management

OUT 220 Avalanche Fundamentals: Processes and Leadership

OUT 221 Wilderness Survival

OUT 352 Wilderness First Responder

OUT 409 Internship in Outdoor Recreation and Leadership


PES 131 Foundation of Phys Activity & Health

PES 180 Activity Courses

PES 180X Weight Training

PES 180W Weight Training for Women

PES 180C Advanced Sports Conditioning

PES 180T Army Physical FItness Training

PES 199 Selected Topics Credits

PES 200I Inact Courses

PES 201 Intercollegiate Athletics

PES 209 Practicum

PES 270 History, Philosophy and Ethics of Sport

PES 291 Lifeguarding

PES 292 Water Safety Instructor

PES 293 Lifeguard Instructor Trng

PES 294 Teaching Team Sports

PES 359 Prevention and Care Athletic Injury

PES 363 Curric Methods: PE/Hlth

PES 363L Curric Methods: PE/Hlth Lab

PES 364 Scientific Basis of Coach Youth Sports

PES 365 Football Coach & Off

PES 366 Basketball Coach & Off

PES 368 Track/Fld Coach & Off

PES 369 Wrestling Coach & Off

PES 370 Volleyball Coach & Off

PES 371 Soccer Coach & Off

PES 372 Tennis Coach & Off

PES 373 Golf Coach & Off

PES 394 Teach Games/Dance/Gym

PES 407 Seminar

PES 409 Practicum

PES 410 Selected Topics

PES 459 Adv Athletic Training

PES 460 Recond Athletic Injuries

PES 461 Therapeutic Modalities

PES 462 Admin Athletic Trng Prgm

PES 463 Curric Methods: PE/Health

PES 463L

PES 470 Sport Management

PES 481 Curr Stnd:PE & Health

PES 481L Curr Stnd:PE & Health Pr Grd Lab

PES 494 Teaching Individual Lifetime Sports

PES 495 Capstone Seminar

PES 496 Capstone

PES 507 Seminar

PES 571 Physical Activity & Health Methods: ECE

PES 572 Physical Activity & Health Methods: ELE

PES 574 Physical Activity & Health ML

PES 475 Physical Activity & Health HS

PES 576 Physical Activity & Health K-12